Things I Love – Pinterest Edition

I want to share some of the things I’m loving on pinterest right now. Enjoy!

I found this shirt on etsy and it’s awesome! I might just have to splurge and get this one day.

I found this ring a year ago and it’s still the most beautiful ring I’ve found. Maybe one day it’ll be mine. I’m not too picky though..whatever my future husband picks, I will love (as long as it’s white gold 😉 )

Love this ring too. It’s supposed to be a wedding band (by the site) but I think it’s more of an everyday ring. Looks really pretty in white gold. I like that it’s simple and elegant.

Absolutely love the Chevron trend going on right now! Would really like to be able to pull this off but I’m more of a single polish gal (only because I don’t have tools or skills to do designs lol).

Love, Love, Love Day of the Dead makeup! I would love to be able to do this one year for Halloween!

This one is for you babe <3. It made me giggle and think back to when we first started talking and you were asking me all of these questions and I just couldn’t think of answers.

One day I’ll own a horse………one day!

There’s just something about red hair…I want it! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull off this color red because I blush so easily but maybe one day.

I want to get Sissy a cat bus!! =^.^=

One day we will own a house, definitely doesn’t have to look like this one. Just to own a house and call it a home is good enough for me. Main concern is having a BIG garage.

I am pretty sure I could live off of blueberry muffins. Nom nom nom!

Really would like a paracord bracelet…not one quite as big as these.

There you have it! Things I love, Pinterest Edition! I’ll probably have a normal edition down the road. I’ve been hooked on pinning for a few days now. I haven’t been on there in awhile but now I’m back! Hope you all enjoyed this little random post. Toodles!


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