Saving Money

Saving money isn’t about going without the fun things in life. It’s about being able to provide and not worry about how you’re going to afford emergencies, extra expenses and such. I know for most it’s hard to save money especially if you’re just scraping by. But honestly, it’s not that hard. You have to prioritize your spending.
For me personally, I love using a planner. I jot down when every bill is due and try to coordinate bill paying with pay day. Then once we get paid, I go through and add up all of the bills that need to be paid before the next pay day. I pay all of the bills and then whatever is left over is gas, food, etc. Usually when it’s rent check time, I don’t put a lot aside for savings. I’ll usually wait till the next pay check and whatever left over from the rent pay period, I’ll put that toward savings. Basically if I have money left over from a check and it’s a new pay period, I will just put whatever’s left, aside.
I am like a budget queen, per say. I love setting money aside for bills and seeing what’s left and making that amount work till the next pay period. When it comes down to grocery shopping, I check all of the ads and see where the best place is to go shop at. I check for coupons to help me out and if the store has a loyalty card. Then I go online – usually Pinterest – and find meals that we’ll both eat and jot down the recipes so I can start making a grocery list. I try really hard to stick to that list (though that doesn’t always work lol). 
How do you make a little extra money on the side? That’s a good question. I have been doing activities (watching videos, answering surveys) on this website called Swagbucks now for almost 9 years. It’s so easy to use and not time consuming, unless you’re doing surveys which I hardly ever do by the way. There are a few apps I use too like Receipt Hog where you simply upload your grocery, shopping, gas station receipts and it gives you coins based on how much you spent. You can then use the coins to cash out for Amazon or Paypal. It takes awhile but it’s simple and adds up over time. Who doesn’t want some extra cash? Another app I use is Ibotta. You get cash back on things you buy at the store and all you have to do is scan the item and then scan your receipt. You do have to wait till you have hit $20 to cash out though. Another app/website I use that I have been using for years now is Bing. Bing has a rewards program for simply doing searches on their site. You can do desktop searches, mobile, microsoft edge and they have activities to do to get extra points. I believe it’s 5,250 points for a $5 amazon card but well worth it for 10 minutes of your day. I am currently over $10 in amazon gift cards from them that I still need to cash out.
If you’re determined to save money and to better your life and you need help or guidance, let me know. I’m always here to help when I can. Just in the past two-ish weeks, I have put aside $1500! It’s crazy to even think about that since before it was more of a living pay check to pay check situation.

I feel like I’m dying #overdramatic

I know, I know. I’m over dramatic about stuff. But that’s okay!

Let’s start with Sunday as I am not two days behind on writing this blog post. Actually, let’s start with Saturday. So Saturday I told myself that I would find my gym card so I could go to the office and get it fixed because since we moved in back in 2017, the gym card has not worked. I don’t know if Ivan gave me the wrong card or a non-activated card or what. Well I searched high and low Saturday, had Steven help me look, cleaned off my desk and table and couldn’t find it. I gave up. Then Saturday night I was cleaning dishes and looked at my little crate on the bar and saw it standing up. I had moved stuff around in that little crate but didn’t think to actually turn it over to see the card standing up. Whoops! At that point it was way too late to go to the office, so I decided I HAD to go Sunday.

Now it was Sunday. I checked and the office wasn’t going to open till 1PM and they’d only be open till 5PM. I think Nardi & I went to the office around 1:15PM but of course there was one lady waiting and a couple that were going to go on a tour of the complex. She did let me in the gym though and told me to come back later. So Sunday I ended up doing about an hour work out.

I then went back into the office to have her fix my card which she proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t registered to any device and she’s not sure how I had a card that wasn’t registered. Like I don’t know lady, just give me one that works.

After my workout, I came home and made dinner which consisted of Dave’s Killer Bread English muffin with tuna, some pineapple and a handful of hippea puffs. Yum!!

After dinner I got spirited and decided to make some banana, blueberry muffins using almond flour that I’ve had left over from doing Nardi’s birthday cake. They actually turned out really good!

Now let’s forward to Monday. Work was meh and I wasn’t sure if I would get home and the gym would be unoccupied or not because with my anxiety I can’t just walk into the gym if other people are using it first. If no one is there, then I’ll walk in use it and then others can come and go as they please. We got home from work and as we were walking to the house, I saw that the gym was empty and lights were off. SCORE! So I ran inside, put shorts on and grabbed my stuff and headed to the gym. It was so nice because I was by myself for almost the entire work out. I ended up walking/running on the treadmill for the first part, then got bored and did this back machine that I guess…helps…your back? Who knows. I got tired of that machine and went back to using the treadmill.

So overall, not bad!
Holy tomato face Batman! Definitely was a good workout. I ended up feeling it a LOT once I got in the house and started to rest. For dinner I ended up cooking chicken tenders and brussell sprouts for dinner, however, the chicken I over cooked and the brussell sprouts I forgot to cut into halves and so they weren’t entirely cooked to tender soft goodness. Whomp whomp.

But you know what? I got up off my ass and hit the gym. Tonight though I passed on the gym because I needed to go to the bank, get bills paid and then there were like 6 people in the gym working out. (One was a guy with no shirt on). So I just ended up staying in tonight.

Well, I’m off ladies and gents! Night!

xoxo Katie



Today started off pretty good. Managed to do an in home workout. The first video I watched was a little much. The lady was like, “We’re going to start with some cardio and then 50 burpees” and I was like oh hell no. So I continued on to find another video which I did half of because it started out good and then went into stuff I can’t do. Obviously I have to work at this stuff cause eventually I’ll need to do what everyone else does in the videos but till then, I’ll modify my work outs. At the end, I just started watching videos of “what I eat in a day” and usually the people I’m watching will do a work out with their vlog. So I took out our 10lb weight and started doing some lifts with that and some cardio. Wasn’t too bad actually but I’m honestly rather go to the gym and walk/run on the treadmill and lift weights.

For breakfast this morning I had two pieces of Naan bread (try it!) with half an avocado, some black bean hummus, two eggs and some cheese. Yum! Lunch consisted of Naan personal pizzas which were pretty good but the pepperoni made them really greasy. So that was the only downfall to that. For dinner the plan was to have stir fry from Trader Joe’s with some chicken tenders mixed in but…..Steven burned it. SO, I decided to make Trader Joe’s orange chicken and fried rice and honestly, it was damn good! I liked the chicken more than the fried rice but would definitely buy both again.

Anyway, I need to cut this short as the laptop I’m typing this on is dying and I need to plug it in. Whoops! We’ll see you all again tomorrow!




January 3rd…Day Three

Happy Thursday!


I thought this was a really good quote to use for today. Why? Well today was quite stressful and I wasn’t sure if I’d feel up to working out at all. Mainly because by the time we finished the shop meeting and left the shop it was well after 8PM. I knew we would get home closer to 9PM and then I would need to make dinner and then go on my walk or do a workout video and then go to bed.

I totally got distracted with Facebook for a second. Back on track!

We ended up getting home at like 8:44PM. I got the oven started, popped the chicken in the oven, set the timer and told Steven I’d be back. Nardi and I ended up walking down the road instead of just around the apartment complex. We shot for walking a mile again because I knew I’d have enough time to walk that and make it back to take dinner out of the oven and well…eat it.

I figured I’d finish off this blog post with a complimentary photo of . . . myself! Just flexing what I don’t have. Ha ha! I mean, this is the standard thing girls post on FB & IG right? That’s what I thought. Good night everyone!


Here we go again. . .

Here we go!

Today has been one hell of a ride. It’s only the 2nd day of the new year and I’m already over it. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll get through this. Even if I don’t really have support from anyone, I will get through this. I’m entirely too stressed and didn’t even want to do any sort of work out tonight. All I wanted to do when I got home from work was pop open a bottle of wine and guzzle it down, no need for a glass. That’s how I roll! Kidding of course. *whispers* not really.

Moving on from my pity party of 1. We got home from work today and I decided to make chicken tacos. Over the weekend I bought two big packs of chicken tenders. I used to buy breasts but I wasn’t using all that much chicken when cooking so I decided to get tenders instead. Just made more sense. Okay, less rambling Katie, geez. So tonight I made chicken tacos. Just seasoned chicken diced up and some Anaheim pepper. I put mine on two corn tortillas with a bit of cheese, some diced up tomatoes and hot sauce. So goooooood! After I let that digest for a bit, Nardi & I headed out for a walk. With how much stress I was dealing with today, I was not ready to do a full blown work out video, so I stuck to walking. I mean, you’ve gotta start somewhere right?

Here are my results from our walk tonight. It really helped a lot with the stress to be able to just walk, headphones in and having my pup with me. I know tomorrow is going to be more stressful than today so I’ll probably plan another walk. We’ll see.

This is where I leave you all. It’s time for me to curl up in bed and sleep away the sadness. Have a good night and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


Not Resolutions but Goals

Happy New Year!



Welcome to the blog folks! If you’re new here, my name is Katie. Nice to meet you! Let’s get started! I am like the worst person when it comes to new years resolutions. The WORST! Every year I make all these resolutions to lose weight, work out, eat better, save more money and yet, every single year, I fail. I was watching you-tuber, Mind Over Much (you can see her video here) talk about making monthly goals instead of year long resolutions. *ding* That’s the sound of the light bulb going off in my head people. I decided that I am going to start with a 30 (I mean 31) day goal. The goal is to do at least one workout a day. Seems easy right? Well for me, not so much because I: 1. hate waking up early and 2. work late usually and by the time I get home am exhausted and just don’t care to do anything but lounge on the couch. I figure if I start blogging about working out, it’ll make me more committed to actually DOING IT.

So the plan. To do 31 workouts for the month of January. I will be picking workouts on Youtube and doing 30 minute workouts each day. I will write about how I felt before the workout, how I felt after the workout and how I liked the workout. I will also be posting the videos to the blog so if you’d like to check them out, they’ll be linked somewhere in the body of the blog.

Fast Forward >>

It’s not 9:22PM and I’m going to get this blog post finished up. I ended up taking a break to make dinner which consisted of grilled chicken tenders, roasted cauliflower (for me), broccoli (for hubby) and then potato salad that both Steven & I made together. This was my first time trying out my new cast iron grill pan and besides the stupid smoke alarm going off who knows how many times, it was awesome. Steven said it’s the best chicken I have made so far. Which if you know him, is a HUGE compliment because he usually just goes “it was okay”.


After dinner we relaxed and watched some Ninja Warrior – Military edition before deciding to go on a walk. I chose walking for tonight’s workout because Steven really needed to get up and move around a bit and I figured it would help with his back some. We didn’t walk for a long time or very far but we got it in. I think tomorrow night I’ll try a Youtube video workout and see how I like that.


Now it’s time to call it a night (from here) and get to work on my new planner. I wish you all a happy new year and that you all accomplish the goals you set.



New Goodies – World Market & Target

Happy Saturday! It’s been a little bit since I last wrote and I wanted to share with you all some awesome little goodies I picked up at World Market and Target. You know me with Target, LOVE IT! It’s hard to stop in and not buy something. I mean, the place is A-M-A-Zing! Moving on, check out the cool stuff I picked up.

At Target I picked up this cute little Farmer’s Market tray for my dining room table. I haven’t really figured out what all I want on it as far as decor display but maybe something will hit me soon and it will look super cute! If you’d like one, check out the Target dollar spot! That’s also where I found this super cute set of kitchen towels! You can never have too many towels right? I’ll have you know, that hubby talked me into the cute Farmer’s Market tote. At $3, it wasn’t like I was spending hundreds. Haha! I’ve already gotten daily use out of it as my planner holder/purse for work. I’ve also taken it to the Farmer’s Market here in Raleigh. Steven was like “You’re going to put the veggies in this?” Me, “Uh, yes. That’s what I got it for!” Haha. 

Next item I picked up was this super cute, old fashion laundry machine. Isn’t it cute! I found out about this by seeing my instagram friend’s post on her laundry room. (QBHome IG) I thought it was seriously the cutest thing ever and I wanted it. Granted, I don’t have an AMAZING laundry room like hers but one day I will. This item has been on my “want” list for quite awhile now. It wasn’t until a few weeks back that I decided to just stop by World Market to “look” around. Hubby noticed it and told me I had to get it since he knew I wanted it. Me being my frugal self, didn’t want to pay the $20 for it. But with him telling me over and over again just to get it and “Well it might not be here the next time you visit”, I had to get it. We also found some lemon coolers. Who still remembers those? I didn’t take a picture of them but you can google them. Back to the laundry tin . . . This thing is awesome and huge! I put about seven 30+ count boxes of bounce dryer sheets in it and it still has room for more boxes! I love it! I do wish I had a place to stick it that was close to the washer/dryer but that’s okay.

Love these items too? Check them out at your local World Market and Target dollar spot. Thanks for stopping by!!

XoXo Kayteeee