Herrow Mountain Dew….Funyuns

Sitting here at my desk at work, I have managed to down an entire small bag of funyuns in a short amount of time. Funyuns and me go way back – days when I had the flu, they were the only thing I’d eat. Still to this day, they’re simply amazing…except the onion breath you have afterwards, definitely not something you eat while on a date. Ha! I made my coworker drive me to the Chevron down the road to get a bag, bottle of Mountain Dew and of course, Starburst. I’ve been hooked on eating Starburst again, which I know is not a good thing. I needed some sort of snacks because I’m going to be spending the night at work and really REALLY don’t want to eat top ramen. Ick! Yes, you heard right..I’m spending the night at my work. Why? Because I can’t find anyone willing to take me to work or to pick me up from work. Therefore, I must sleep at work in order to get my hours and just be here since I can’t find rides. It makes me sad because I don’t want to have to leave Sissy at home by herself without food but hopefully she’ll make the food in her bowl last her till I get home tomorrow night. It’s pretty pathetic that it’s come down to this but what else is a girl supposed to do? I’ve looked into taking the bus but it takes like 2.5 hours just to get to my job and I’d have to drive to the place it stops at and then do some walking (weird). I’ve looked into maybe taking a taxi to work but who are we kidding, that crap adds up! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that one of my good friends will be able to come down and stay with me for two weeks so I can use his car to get to work on time and get my hours back to normal. *Fingers crossed*.

You don’t understand how horrible it is to not have a car and have no way of getting anywhere really. I can’t go grocery shopping or run little errands. My fridge right now only has water, orange juice and almond milk in it, nothing in the freezer and only a few essentials in my pantry. It’s pretty sad but there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to wait out the next 2.5 weeks till I leave for California and can bring back my dad’s car. I honestly cannot wait till I leave Texas and am able to be back in California for awhile, even if it’s for 3.5 days. I do miss California but I have no intentions of moving back. It’s just nice to be able to visit every now and then.

The joy of having a car again will be that I actually get to work on time, if not earlier. No more arriving to work late everyday and having a crappy paycheck that I can’t even use to pay rent. I’ll be able to actually leave at a normal time instead of having to stay till 7ish or later to make up hours. It’s going to be so incredibly nice to have a car again and not have to rely on anyone! I see less stress in my future and that’s great. I have been so stressed out this entire month. Not only because of the crap I’ve had to deal with with Blake and the car but just the whole work situation when I don’t have a car. Luckily, the most amazing man in my life has been there for me the entire time and has been the one to cheer me up when I’m sad and stressed. I love you babe! You’re seriously the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I owe you so much for just being there for me through all of this crap I’ve had to deal with. You’ve helped make me a stronger person and I love you for that. I know everything will work out in the end and I will try not to stress out anymore. Thanks for being my rock and supporting me through everything!

Ugh! Tonight is going to be so boring! haha! Luckily I have the internet, netflix and hopefully soon my honey will let me get on his hulu account and I can watch shows on there. He’s so amazing! I think the only thing I’m really going to do tonight is talk to him and do some swagging because I really want to get a momo steering wheel for free! Of course, I will also probably get some more walmart gift cards because I actually like using them to pay for my groceries. It’s convenient. I guess I’m done rambling for now. Toodles!

I miss you hatchie roo!


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