Saving Money – The Challenge & How to Overcome!

I get asked quite frequently how I manage to save money. It’s simple, I use a few different methods that work for me. Once you start and get in a routine with saving, it becomes second nature.

Here are a few tips that help me save!

1. I use a mason jar and have a bingo savings chart taped to the front. It is a fun way to start saving, without having the feeling that you’re super broke. You basically can either mark off 1 number a week or whenever you want to put a little money aside. Depending on if you’re strapped for cash or can let a little more go to the jar. It’s a great method for saving because you can put $1 away, $5, $50, whatever you can spare for the week. I tend to mark off a number and then hide the jar out of site so I’m not tempted to use the money. I love this method because I love seeing the colorful squares get filled up. Makes me excited to save money!


2. The 2nd thing I do to save money, is use Swagbucks. For me, it’s a great way to earn a little extra money for things like car parts, Christmas gifts and more. That means I don’t have to spend money from our paycheck on fun stuff. If you already make a lot of money and just want to do it as a way to save money, then that’s a great thing too! You can totally earn money on there and put that in the jar and just let it grow.

Here’s my link to sign up!:

3. Coupons – Yes, couponing does help me save money. I always check to see what coupons are currently out and if there’s anything out for what I usually buy. The other week there was a great coupon for cereal and a deal at Walgreens. So I ended up getting 5 boxes of cereal for hubby for $0.88 each! Definitely way better than spending $2+ a box.


Those are the basic things I use to help save money. Even if you’re working part time, you to can save money! Even if it means putting $1 aside a week. It’ll add up over time. Honestly though, it does take a LOT of dedication and restraint to save money. You have to be willing to put aside the money and not touch it. But don’t give up! Reach those goals!


xoxo Katie


No Sad Panda

I’m trying not to be a sad panda because I will not being going up to Kansas next week to see Steven. We talked about it the other night and decided that we need to get our finances in order and save money. As much as I want to see him, I know this is what we need to do.

I have pretty much already started preparing myself for when he moves here. I’ve been going on swagbucks (site you earn points on and turn it into gift cards) daily and redeeming walmart gift cards. My plan is to get as many gift cards as I can and use those for groceries when he moves down here. Right now I am fine eating sandwiches and pasta but I know once he’s down here we will be cooking steaks and having veggies and other yummy foods. I want to be as prepared as I can be and if that means I get my groceries for free then hell yes!

Swagbucks is a site that you earn points on by doing searches, surveys, watching videos and playing games. You turn the points into gift cards for things such as paypal, target, walmart, starbucks and many other great stores/restaurants. If you’re interested in joining up, click the link below:

Just a little more information on Swagbucks. I’ve been using it since March 2011 and have earned about $300+ in Amazon gift cards. I was actually able to use $180 from Amazon to pay for almost all of my Christmas gifts last year. It’s actually been really awesome to use. I got my friend Jen hooked on using swagbucks as well. She was skeptical at first and it does get a little frustrating at first because you want to get a ton of points right away but once you get the hang of it, points fly in quick. Just this past week I’ve redeemed 3 Walmart gift cards. So 1078 points to get two of those cards and then another 500 for the third one. If any of you want to join and have questions, feel free to ask away!