Infuse all the things!

My package arrived yesterday from staples ( Subaru Ambassador stuff ). I was super excited because I splurged on myself for once and got a Subaru infuser bottle. You know, the kind that has the infuser in the middle where you can put fruits/veggies to infuse flavor into your water. It’s amazing! If you haven’t purchased one; you’re missing out!

I tried the bottle out as soon as I got it out of the box and washed. All I had on hand was lemons and blueberries so I decided to throw those in. I couldn’t really taste the blueberries so I most likely won’t be doing blueberries again but lemon water is amazing.

This morning I woke up and first thing I did was walk into the kitchen and get some fruits out of the fridge. My flavor choice today was strawberry lemon. Yum! This bottle is definitely keeping me more on track to drinking lots of water throughout the day.

s4 s1

s3 s2 s

I’m really liking the strawberry lemon right now. Tomorrow I might try orange and strawberry! If you have a favorite infuser combo, please comment below and let me know! I’m always open to trying new flavors.




Supporting Local No-Kill Animal Shelters

This topic is very close to my heart. I am and always will be, an animal lover. I’ve had cats, rabbits, birds, fish, dogs, a hamster and a snake. If you know me, then you know that I am the founder of Subaru Ladies. It’s a lovely car community with the most amazing ladies ever! It has grown in numbers each and every day and I couldn’t be happier. 

The ladies on the group is really what makes it so amazing. Enthusiastic about Subaru and wanting to learn and share their beauties with the world. All of the ladies are supportive and that’s what I wanted when I created the group. I wanted the group to be different than others. I wanted 100% drama free and 100% family. Where ladies could share their beautiful cars (stock or race car status) with each other and not get judgement on them.


Moving on. One thing I wanted to start with Subaru Ladies was Paws 4 a Cause. I had helped a girl out in Houston with an event similar for her birthday but unfortunately some people don’t have the heart that others do and she pocketed the donations and food raised at the event. 

Our Paws 4 a Cause event was started in January 2015 as a way to raise money and goods for local no-kill animal shelters. It’s our way to come together as a family and support a good cause. We wanted to be able to get together with our cars and help out the furbabies. Each year we will be hosting an event in a different area, so as to meet more Subaru Ladies and to switch up locations. All of the money raised from stickers and from each event, goes directly to a local no-kill animal shelter.

Why “no-kill” animal shelters? These are the shelters that devote their lives to helping save animals from high kill shelters and placing them in forever homes. Unlike the high kill shelters that mostly give an animal 72 hours to be adopted before being euthanized, these animals get a second chance at life and stay at the shelter till they’re adopted. Some even stay till their last day of life. Even though not all get adopted, those that stay behind at the shelter get to be pampered and loved and get to live out their life comfortably.

It’s our mission to help raise funds each and every year and donate to a new no-kill animal shelter that’s in need. Nearly every shelter runs off strictly donations, nothing else. Many of the owners and workers of these shelters have to dig out of pocket to cover expenses. We’re here to help them out and help save lives.

This is a great way to come together as a car community and support a great cause. You don’t have to own a Subaru to rock a Paws 4 a Cause sticker. Shoot, you don’t even have to be a lady to rock it. It’s like rocking any other organizations sticker. You wouldn’t ask them to take their name off of it just cause you aren’t a lady or you drive a different model car. Who cares?! The sticker is to raise money for animals and honestly, you can buy the sticker and never have it touch a car, that’s fine. But just know that you supported a great cause and are helping out a cat or a dog. We thank you for that.

This year along with our stickers, we will be selling t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and a special product (still in the works) that I hope you all will love. We plan to go above and beyond on our next event that should be around February/March of 2016. Stay tuned for more information on that.

What sets us apart from other car communities/organizations working with charities? Our car organization donates 100% of the profits earned!! Most other car organizations donate 5% up to 25% only. We strive in being able to give our all to our cause. We hope you will too!

Please feel free to share this blog post with all of your animal lover & car friends. It would mean a lot to me and I’m sure, everyone else on the group who is an animal lover/car enthusiast, to see this post surface on other car community pages and help make our event huge!

>> To purchase our 2016 Paws 4 a Cause sticker & other merchandise, check out our online store <<


Here are some of the photos & video from our last event! Enjoy!

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Aeros & Autos Car Show – Houston, TX

Saturday morning at 8:20am, the clouds are covering the sky and the humidity is on the rise. Car show participants line up awaiting photo shoots and registration knowing that a long (hot) day is ahead.

Chellsie cleaning up her husbands Subaru

As soon as everyone gets in rows for the show; towels, detail spray and tire shine come out in full force! Everyone wants to have their rides looking extra sparkly and clean for the judges and spectators to view.

A wide variety of cars participated in the car show. Everything from classics to lifted trucks attended. There were exotic cars, hot rods, lifted trucks, lowered trucks and fast cars. A good selection to please almost any car enthusiasts taste.

The event lasted from 9am-4pm. Along with the car show there was the half mile race, music, food and freebies.

Each car show participant received a 4×6 photo of their car with an old war plane, a bag of goodies and an event t-shirt. Enjoy the photos!

Edited Version 1 ^

Edited Version 2 ^ I could decide which one I liked better.

Best of all!! My handsome man and our friend took home Best Import awards!!

Thanksgiving in Kansas

As many of you know, I took a few days (5) to head up to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my honey. We had an absolute blast, granted Thanksgiving dinner was a bust but oh well. I won’t go into a ton of details of everything that went on. I will say that while I was there I got engaged!! It happened Friday night after we had an amazing dinner at Little Apple in Manhattan. We got into the subie and were sitting there trying to warm up and he pulls out this little blue box and hands it to me. While he’s still holding it, I told him “I can’t open the box, you open the box” (something along those lines). So he opened it and there sat this beautiful solitaire ring and wedding band. I had the biggest smile on my face and then I asked him, ” Is there a question that comes with the box?” and that’s when he said those lovely words that any girl wants to hear:

Will you marry me?

I wanted to pee my pants!! I said yes of course 🙂 Everyday since then, I have worn my ring and have continued to wear his dog tags till the day he is officially out of the Army and home with me. I’m beyond blessed to have met my soul mate. He’s the apple of my eye!

Moving on…Kansas was lovely this time around. It did get down to about 14 degrees one morning but we kept warm. We were able to work on the cars, do a photo shoot, hang out with friends and go take tons of photos at Kstate University. I know you guys are probably ready for the pictures. I will do a post later showing my ring and going into more detail on our engagement. Enjoy!!

Doug’s Wrx

**All photos were taken and edited by me except this last one. I took the photo but it was edited by EJ**

Galveston Beach Cruise

Sunday morning I packed up the camera, canon xsi to be exact, and headed off to HEB with my friend Ruben who had picked me up in his wagon. We met up with the group and got some much needed supplies (beer, chips, ice and charcoal) and headed out to the beach around 12:30pm. There were a couple of pit stops along the way but we ended up at our destination around 2pm. Getting out on the beach was a bit of a difficult task but we ended up getting everyone across eventually. We did have to get Steven’s wagon pulled out of the sand and we did have about 2-3 people break off their front lips. Overall, it was a great day/night. We spent all day on the beach bbqing and playing in the sand. After we all left the beach, a few of us headed out to Denny’s to get a late night meal, since most of us didn’t eat much while at the beach. I ended up having a rootbeer, oreo milkshake and half order of nachos. The only thing I actually finished was the rootbeer. Ha! I guess I wasn’t all that hungry after all. Ruben dropped me off at my house around 12:20am. I then showered and uploaded all 770 pictures from the camera. Yes, that’s an extreme amount of pictures but I never do anything small. Anyway, onto the pictures! Enjoy!