Supporting Local No-Kill Animal Shelters

This topic is very close to my heart. I am and always will be, an animal lover. I’ve had cats, rabbits, birds, fish, dogs, a hamster and a snake. If you know me, then you know that I am the founder of Subaru Ladies. It’s a lovely car community with the most amazing ladies ever! It has grown in numbers each and every day and I couldn’t be happier. 

The ladies on the group is really what makes it so amazing. Enthusiastic about Subaru and wanting to learn and share their beauties with the world. All of the ladies are supportive and that’s what I wanted when I created the group. I wanted the group to be different than others. I wanted 100% drama free and 100% family. Where ladies could share their beautiful cars (stock or race car status) with each other and not get judgement on them.


Moving on. One thing I wanted to start with Subaru Ladies was Paws 4 a Cause. I had helped a girl out in Houston with an event similar for her birthday but unfortunately some people don’t have the heart that others do and she pocketed the donations and food raised at the event. 

Our Paws 4 a Cause event was started in January 2015 as a way to raise money and goods for local no-kill animal shelters. It’s our way to come together as a family and support a good cause. We wanted to be able to get together with our cars and help out the furbabies. Each year we will be hosting an event in a different area, so as to meet more Subaru Ladies and to switch up locations. All of the money raised from stickers and from each event, goes directly to a local no-kill animal shelter.

Why “no-kill” animal shelters? These are the shelters that devote their lives to helping save animals from high kill shelters and placing them in forever homes. Unlike the high kill shelters that mostly give an animal 72 hours to be adopted before being euthanized, these animals get a second chance at life and stay at the shelter till they’re adopted. Some even stay till their last day of life. Even though not all get adopted, those that stay behind at the shelter get to be pampered and loved and get to live out their life comfortably.

It’s our mission to help raise funds each and every year and donate to a new no-kill animal shelter that’s in need. Nearly every shelter runs off strictly donations, nothing else. Many of the owners and workers of these shelters have to dig out of pocket to cover expenses. We’re here to help them out and help save lives.

This is a great way to come together as a car community and support a great cause. You don’t have to own a Subaru to rock a Paws 4 a Cause sticker. Shoot, you don’t even have to be a lady to rock it. It’s like rocking any other organizations sticker. You wouldn’t ask them to take their name off of it just cause you aren’t a lady or you drive a different model car. Who cares?! The sticker is to raise money for animals and honestly, you can buy the sticker and never have it touch a car, that’s fine. But just know that you supported a great cause and are helping out a cat or a dog. We thank you for that.

This year along with our stickers, we will be selling t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and a special product (still in the works) that I hope you all will love. We plan to go above and beyond on our next event that should be around February/March of 2016. Stay tuned for more information on that.

What sets us apart from other car communities/organizations working with charities? Our car organization donates 100% of the profits earned!! Most other car organizations donate 5% up to 25% only. We strive in being able to give our all to our cause. We hope you will too!

Please feel free to share this blog post with all of your animal lover & car friends. It would mean a lot to me and I’m sure, everyone else on the group who is an animal lover/car enthusiast, to see this post surface on other car community pages and help make our event huge!

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Here are some of the photos & video from our last event! Enjoy!

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Only took 10 months

As many of you know, by reading my facebook posts, I used to complain about my dog everyday. She was hard to potty train and it was driving me bananas! Well, thankfully after some good advice from a friend of mine (dog whisperer 😉 ) and 10 months of keeping with the program . . . Nardi is finally potty trained!! *Celebrate good times come on!*

The first 8 months were hard. I’d try to take her out every 30 minutes and that didn’t seem to really help. She would always pee in my kitchen and poop in there as well. Then it got really bad and she was peeing on the carpet in the dining room and pooping in the kitchen. I would take her outside for 30 minutes and she wouldn’t pee or poop, but the minute you get inside . . . pee. It was so frustrating but after talking to my friend and getting great advice from her, I was able to stick with a routine and finally get her potty trained. Granted, there are still days that she’ll pee inside or poop but usually I get her out before she does it and know around what time of the day she needs to go out. This morning she peed and pooped in the kitchen. I was asleep still and Steven got up and did his normal morning stuff and let her out of her kennel. Unlike me, he just lets her out and then goes around doing other stuff that he needs to do. When I get up and let her out of her kennel, it’s to take her straight outside to go. Tiny bladder means she needs to go out first thing when she gets up. But this is why women bare children and men don’t. HaHa! Anyway, I am so thankful to say that she’s potty trained. Only took her being a year old to finally realize she has to go outside and do her business.

10292213_10204164608729016_716260369501816992_n (1)

Nardi: The Puppy Chronicles Part 1

Nardi is the newest addition to the Larsen family. My husband really wanted a dog and I caved. A friend mentioned to Steven that he had a friend who had puppies that needed homes. After seeing the photos, we fell in love. She’s exactly 2 months and 15 days old today. She’s a mini dapple dachshund.

It’s definitely a challenge getting used to having a dog. I’ve been a cat person for so many years and dogs are just so different. I think I’ll always be more of a cat person than a dog person. They’re low maintenance, independent and less destructive.

Nardi has been with us now since Wednesday, July 17th. Her and her sister were driven down here from Dallas; thanks to Krista’s (my boss) sister. Nardi’s sister, now named Luna, is my coworkers puppy. Nardi cried for quite a bit on the drive home after the first day. The second day went better because I was able to bring her to work with me and Luna was there too. They had so much fun playing together and sleeping in the kennel with each other. Definitely was a lot of sisterly love going on. She did however, cry most of the drive home that day because she missed her sister.

Yesterday Nardi had her first vet appointment. She got another distemper shot, got on the puppy plan and got a shot for the tape worm she had. She has a few fleas but nothing too terrible. Her current weight is 4.2 pounds. Her sister, Luna, weighs 5.4 pounds. Luckily after we got home from the appointment, she ended up passing the worm. Steven thought it was gross and almost puked but it’s nothing new to me.

Currently she has been asleep on the couch, wrapped in a blanket for a little over 2.5 hours! She got a flea bath today and was moving around like crazy afterwards. I decided to throw the blanket in the dryer for a bit and when I put her in it, she just passed out. It was so cute.

She is an adorable little puppy, we just have to keep working on her potty training because she constantly poops inside the house. Also, after my neighbors chihuahua scared her, she hates going outside now to pee. Hopefully when she awakes from her nap, she’ll be good and ready to pee outside.

Hope you all enjoyed my post!!