Today started off pretty good. Managed to do an in home workout. The first video I watched was a little much. The lady was like, “We’re going to start with some cardio and then 50 burpees” and I was like oh hell no. So I continued on to find another video which I did half of because it started out good and then went into stuff I can’t do. Obviously I have to work at this stuff cause eventually I’ll need to do what everyone else does in the videos but till then, I’ll modify my work outs. At the end, I just started watching videos of “what I eat in a day” and usually the people I’m watching will do a work out with their vlog. So I took out our 10lb weight and started doing some lifts with that and some cardio. Wasn’t too bad actually but I’m honestly rather go to the gym and walk/run on the treadmill and lift weights.

For breakfast this morning I had two pieces of Naan bread (try it!) with half an avocado, some black bean hummus, two eggs and some cheese. Yum! Lunch consisted of Naan personal pizzas which were pretty good but the pepperoni made them really greasy. So that was the only downfall to that. For dinner the plan was to have stir fry from Trader Joe’s with some chicken tenders mixed in but…..Steven burned it. SO, I decided to make Trader Joe’s orange chicken and fried rice and honestly, it was damn good! I liked the chicken more than the fried rice but would definitely buy both again.

Anyway, I need to cut this short as the laptop I’m typing this on is dying and I need to plug it in. Whoops! We’ll see you all again tomorrow!





January 3rd…Day Three

Happy Thursday!


I thought this was a really good quote to use for today. Why? Well today was quite stressful and I wasn’t sure if I’d feel up to working out at all. Mainly because by the time we finished the shop meeting and left the shop it was well after 8PM. I knew we would get home closer to 9PM and then I would need to make dinner and then go on my walk or do a workout video and then go to bed.

I totally got distracted with Facebook for a second. Back on track!

We ended up getting home at like 8:44PM. I got the oven started, popped the chicken in the oven, set the timer and told Steven I’d be back. Nardi and I ended up walking down the road instead of just around the apartment complex. We shot for walking a mile again because I knew I’d have enough time to walk that and make it back to take dinner out of the oven and well…eat it.

I figured I’d finish off this blog post with a complimentary photo of . . . myself! Just flexing what I don’t have. Ha ha! I mean, this is the standard thing girls post on FB & IG right? That’s what I thought. Good night everyone!


Here we go again. . .

Here we go!

Today has been one hell of a ride. It’s only the 2nd day of the new year and I’m already over it. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll get through this. Even if I don’t really have support from anyone, I will get through this. I’m entirely too stressed and didn’t even want to do any sort of work out tonight. All I wanted to do when I got home from work was pop open a bottle of wine and guzzle it down, no need for a glass. That’s how I roll! Kidding of course. *whispers* not really.

Moving on from my pity party of 1. We got home from work today and I decided to make chicken tacos. Over the weekend I bought two big packs of chicken tenders. I used to buy breasts but I wasn’t using all that much chicken when cooking so I decided to get tenders instead. Just made more sense. Okay, less rambling Katie, geez. So tonight I made chicken tacos. Just seasoned chicken diced up and some Anaheim pepper. I put mine on two corn tortillas with a bit of cheese, some diced up tomatoes and hot sauce. So goooooood! After I let that digest for a bit, Nardi & I headed out for a walk. With how much stress I was dealing with today, I was not ready to do a full blown work out video, so I stuck to walking. I mean, you’ve gotta start somewhere right?

Here are my results from our walk tonight. It really helped a lot with the stress to be able to just walk, headphones in and having my pup with me. I know tomorrow is going to be more stressful than today so I’ll probably plan another walk. We’ll see.

This is where I leave you all. It’s time for me to curl up in bed and sleep away the sadness. Have a good night and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


Not Resolutions but Goals

Happy New Year!



Welcome to the blog folks! If you’re new here, my name is Katie. Nice to meet you! Let’s get started! I am like the worst person when it comes to new years resolutions. The WORST! Every year I make all these resolutions to lose weight, work out, eat better, save more money and yet, every single year, I fail. I was watching you-tuber, Mind Over Much (you can see her video here) talk about making monthly goals instead of year long resolutions. *ding* That’s the sound of the light bulb going off in my head people. I decided that I am going to start with a 30 (I mean 31) day goal. The goal is to do at least one workout a day. Seems easy right? Well for me, not so much because I: 1. hate waking up early and 2. work late usually and by the time I get home am exhausted and just don’t care to do anything but lounge on the couch. I figure if I start blogging about working out, it’ll make me more committed to actually DOING IT.

So the plan. To do 31 workouts for the month of January. I will be picking workouts on Youtube and doing 30 minute workouts each day. I will write about how I felt before the workout, how I felt after the workout and how I liked the workout. I will also be posting the videos to the blog so if you’d like to check them out, they’ll be linked somewhere in the body of the blog.

Fast Forward >>

It’s not 9:22PM and I’m going to get this blog post finished up. I ended up taking a break to make dinner which consisted of grilled chicken tenders, roasted cauliflower (for me), broccoli (for hubby) and then potato salad that both Steven & I made together. This was my first time trying out my new cast iron grill pan and besides the stupid smoke alarm going off who knows how many times, it was awesome. Steven said it’s the best chicken I have made so far. Which if you know him, is a HUGE compliment because he usually just goes “it was okay”.


After dinner we relaxed and watched some Ninja Warrior – Military edition before deciding to go on a walk. I chose walking for tonight’s workout because Steven really needed to get up and move around a bit and I figured it would help with his back some. We didn’t walk for a long time or very far but we got it in. I think tomorrow night I’ll try a Youtube video workout and see how I like that.


Now it’s time to call it a night (from here) and get to work on my new planner. I wish you all a happy new year and that you all accomplish the goals you set.



Fresh Start

Good Morning Everyone!!

There’s usually a time in your life when you decide enough is enough. When you decide to take control of your life. Get back to living a healthier, better life. This is my year.

I deal with really bad anxiety. It’s so bad that I’ve started to not like being around new people because I think that they are judging me. Then there’s always guys joking around about “thick” or “fat” girls and I just think if they’re saying stuff about someone they don’t know, then what might they be saying about me? I’m not exactly a twig. I’ve noticed that being overweight has really bumped my anxiety levels higher and I want to change that. The old Katie would apply for jobs and not be nervous or get panic attacks. The current Katie starts an application and then doesn’t finish it because she starts to freak out and anxiety takes over. That’s all going to change this year.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “How is she going to make a big change if she’s fallen off the band wagon numerous times in the past?”. Well, this time I have someone holding me accountable. I want to thank Lindsay for being my support group. Together we will discuss workouts and food intake and keep each other on track. Now, I will be starting this off slowly as I don’t want to just jump into eating salmon everyday and starving myself. I’ve already started making big changes. I drink so much water now and have almost completely kicked sodas from my diet. If I have one, it’s usually once a week. I’ve also started eating better. We used to go out for fast food so often at my parents house. Mostly, because we didn’t have a lot of space for our own food in the fridge and I’d get yelled at for using the kitchen at the same time as my mother. So we just opted to eating out more. Now that we have our own place again, we hardly ever go out to eat. It’s not that we’re so broke we can’t afford it, that’s not the case. We just have gotten in a routine of eating at home. I’ve definitely gotten into a routine of making meals every night for when Steven gets home from a long day at work. I really like making baked chicken and roasting veggies – carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini. Yum!

Lately, I’ve been starting my mornings off with eggs. Usually 2 eggs with a little bit of milk mixed in. Then I accompany it with either roasted sweet potatoes or today, I had banana. This kept me under 300 calories.


Thanks to Lindsay, I have started a new workout which means I don’t have to feel awkward trying to do something outside or at our apartment gym. Here’s the video. You’d think that it doesn’t do a lot but I was sweating up a storm after doing it last night. 

I hope to be able to report every so many days on my progress. I still need to pick up a scale so I can see what my current weight is and see what I lose throughout the weeks.

May you all follow me and support me through this journey. Thank you!



All About Them Oats >> Final Verdict


Yesterday as you recall, I made overnight oats. Packed with oats, honey (just a tiny bit), blueberries, banana and almond milk. Today is the day we see how it tastes!

*starts eating*

It’s actually pretty good. Once you get over the fact that it’s cold. Haha! I might have to try my next one heated up some. I love that its a little bit thicker than regular instant oatmeal which hopefully means it will keep me full longer. My only other concern was that a few of the blogs I found that did recipes on overnight oats, said to add the berries the next morning. Some said to add it all together and that’s what I did. The blueberries weren’t mushy then I ate them this morning. I will say though, this could use a little more honey for sweetness. But overall, it’s healthy and good for you so who cares! 

Now it’s on to trying other recipe flavors!!

xoxo Katie

All About Them Oats >> Overnight Oats

WARNING – This is my 1st time making overnight oats. What you’re about to see is prepping and waiting. Haha!


After searching up and down Pinterest to find the perfect overnight oats recipe for myself, I stumbled across one that sounded yummy. Here’s the recipe:

This recipe can be found on Karissa’s Blog With Our Best.

I was SUPER excited to get started on making my 1st overnight oats. “Oh crap!” I didn’t get brown sugar at the grocery store!! Grrr. So instead, I substituted honey. I found another recipe on pinterest that used honey. Figured I’d give it a try.

12506759_941520445897392_326812518_n 12506835_941520415897395_281152679_n 12516588_941520399230730_1400552242_n 12540241_941520439230726_295036142_n 12570858_941520429230727_1648144136_n 12571077_941520372564066_1805364871_n

All done!! Piece of cake! The one on the right was shaken up as directed on one of the many recipes I saw on Pinterest today. I cannot wait to try them tomorrow! I made one for dad because he’s been on this eating better kick with me too for the most part. “Will I still have room for eggs and sausage?”- dad. Oye. 

Have you tried overnight oats? What’s your favorite recipe/combination? I’m hoping I love these because I really need something to eat for breakfast everyday since I’m not really a breakfast eating person. We’ll see.

New post will be up tomorrow on how well I like these! Stay tuned!

Xoxo Katie