oh my precious!!

Good Evening Everyone!

I have been waiting forever to finally own a Kitchenaid mixer! My dad, brother & I went in together, years ago, and got my mom one for Christmas. A real pretty red Kitchenaid mixer. Since she got hers, I have always wanted my own but I could never decide on what color to get or did I have the money to ever buy one. First it was pink, then teal, then purple, then back to pink and finally ending it with teal. My husband as well as friends all thought it would look lovely in my kitchen and frankly, so did I. No lie, it does look AMAZING in my kitchen.

I ended up purchasing the Kitchenaid Artisan design series in Sea Glass (shiny teal as I call it). Instead of getting the mixer with the stainless steel bowl, I went for the one with the beautiful glass bowl that has a built in spout. That’s one thing I didn’t really care for when my mom got her mixer – the lack of spout makes pouring a nightmare and a big mess. Though it was a little more expensive to get the mixer with the glass bowl, I have no regrets.







Last night was my first night using it. *Insert girly giggle*. I decided my first recipe being made with the Kitchenaid mixer was going to be peanut butter blossoms (husbands favorite cookie). Not only did the mixer tackle the task but my cookies came out delicious.

Who else own’s a Kitchenaid mixer and is absolutely in love with it? I seriously can NOT wait to make everything under the sun with it. Cookies, scones, cupcakes, cakes…EVERYTHING! 

I hope you all enjoyed my post! Stay tuned for more posts in the future.
xoxo Katie


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