Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner | Organization Lover

Raise your hand if you like to organize. *Raises hand* I love to organize and keep track of my budget and bills. You name it, I’ll organize it. Ha ha! During the pre-Black Friday sales, my friend Jessica mentioned that she was going to Michael’s. The minute she said that, I hopped on my computer to see what sales they had going on. I wasn’t even really looking to get out and spend money but I saw they had the planners on sale for around $9.99-$13.99 and after looking through them online and watching a couple of videos on youtube about folks who used them and LOVED them, I was sold. I convinced hubby to go with me Thursday night at almost 9:30PM to go get my planner. We walked in and they had a small selection near the front of the store. However, there was a bigger selection toward the back that had more planners and the stickers/additional things you can get for them. I ended up picking the happy planner because I loved the quote on the front and loved the watercolor on the cover. One of the things I love about this planner is that you can customize everything! There are super cute stickers to add to personalize it and one of the things I got was a budget planner. It fits the smaller planners but since they’re all setup the same, you can make it work in the big planner as well. Anyway, enough talking … let’s get on to the photos!






Isn’t it lovely!! The little hearts on the rings was a cute touch. I forgot to mention that thanks to how they’ve set this planner up, you can easily remove and add more pages! It’s great! I’ve heard that a lot of people will take the pages out and get them laminated so they don’t have to buy new ones. I actually was thinking of making copies of my budget planner so I don’t have to keep buying more. Hope you all love my planner too and don’t forget, they’re available at Michael’s!


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