Here’s to a New Adventure!

Hello Everyone!

At the beginning of the month, May 8th, hubby & I left California to start our new life in Fayetteville, NC. We were both very miserable living with my parents. It was time for a change and that meant packing the kiddos up and moving across the states to the East Coast. I know a few of your are asking, “How did you do it? How did you just pack up and move? How could you afford it?”. Well to answer those questions, it was easy. Hubby decided he wanted to make this move and I was on board with him. He sold both of his cars so we could afford to make the expensive move out to North Carolina. The expensive part wasn’t even driving out that way, it was for the Penske truck and trailer to tow my car all the way out here. It wasn’t hard for us to do the move but it was more so of when to tell the parents that we were planning on leaving. Hubby’s parents already knew ahead of time because he told them about a month in advance. The hard part, however, was telling my parents (who are pretty judgmental). I was expecting the worst. Basically guilt trips, un-approval and so on. Sad truth, that’s exactly what I got. Mom sorta freaked out and then the whole week or so before we left, it was guilt trip after guilt trip. “You know there’s bad weather right now”. “Your cousin said there’s NOTHING in Fayetteville”. “Sissy and Nardi are not going to like the move”. You know, just saying anything in hopes to get us to stay. Which of course, did not work. (Sorry mom! lol).

So here we are now, Fayetteville, North Carolina. We got here Wednesday May 11th and stayed with our friends. We weren’t able to move into our new home till Saturday. 

Now it has been 8 days since we moved in and we sorta have everything squared away and organized. Ha ha, who am I kidding. There’s still a lot of stuff to be organized. There’s still stuff that we need to get like a tv stand, a dresser, a bookshelf for all of our dvds and then more kitchen stuff. The joy of living in a new place with your hubby and not having to share and of it with your family is amazing. It means I can finally decorate the place how I want. Plus I love this place. It has tall ceilings, granite countertops, cherry wood cabinets and nice plush, super soft carpet. I believe it’s a little smaller than our last place but it feels bigger and more open.

Did I mention I can’t wait to decorate. These are some items I’ve been eye-ballin’ to pick up for the house.

Kitchen Rug - Target Crockpot - Target Kitchenaide Mixer - Target

I can’t decide which cookie jar I like.

owl cookie jar - target French Bulldog Cookie Jar - Target

There are other things we need to get as well, like a dresser, a tv stand, actual glasses and more pots and pans.

Hope you all enjoyed my post!


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