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WARNING – This is my 1st time making overnight oats. What you’re about to see is prepping and waiting. Haha!


After searching up and down Pinterest to find the perfect overnight oats recipe for myself, I stumbled across one that sounded yummy. Here’s the recipe:

This recipe can be found on Karissa’s Blog With Our Best.

I was SUPER excited to get started on making my 1st overnight oats. “Oh crap!” I didn’t get brown sugar at the grocery store!! Grrr. So instead, I substituted honey. I found another recipe on pinterest that used honey. Figured I’d give it a try.

12506759_941520445897392_326812518_n 12506835_941520415897395_281152679_n 12516588_941520399230730_1400552242_n 12540241_941520439230726_295036142_n 12570858_941520429230727_1648144136_n 12571077_941520372564066_1805364871_n

All done!! Piece of cake! The one on the right was shaken up as directed on one of the many recipes I saw on Pinterest today. I cannot wait to try them tomorrow! I made one for dad because he’s been on this eating better kick with me too for the most part. “Will I still have room for eggs and sausage?”- dad. Oye. 

Have you tried overnight oats? What’s your favorite recipe/combination? I’m hoping I love these because I really need something to eat for breakfast everyday since I’m not really a breakfast eating person. We’ll see.

New post will be up tomorrow on how well I like these! Stay tuned!

Xoxo Katie


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