Meal Planning – Week 1 Lunches [Yay!]

I didn’t really discuss my 2016 resolutions with you all in my last blog post, other than mentioning money-saving. Here’s just a few resolutions I want to share with you . .  .

  1. To Save Money: Yes, I talked about this in my last post. I want to put aside a little money every week so I can be able to buy a new motor for my car as well as save up for a new lens for my camera.
  2. Healthier Eating: Yes, Instead of saying “diet”, I would just like to start eating healthier. Which means less Taco Bell [cries]. I would like to lose weight but I know it all starts with better eating. Here’s to you broccoli and chicken!
  3. Blog more often: I started this blog as a way to vent, tell you about things going on in my life and share some photography. I really haven’t been blogging much but I’m definitely going to try to bust out a move  post hopefully once a week.

Onto meal planning. I started meal planning back in 2014 when I lived in Texas. I loved it because I would do all of my cooking at once and during the week all I would have to do is pull out a plastic container and heat it in the microwave. Now that we live in California with my parents, I just haven’t ever thought about meal planning because someone might eat one of my meals or because it takes up room in the fridge to have so many containers. I know, all excuses. Since December, dad and I have been discussing healthier eating and rebuilding a garden so we can produce our own vegetables instead of constantly having to go to the store to get produce. It got me thinking that I really need to start meal planning again. So that’s what I did tonight. Meal Planning.

I did six meals above but one is for hubby to take to work tomorrow. Had I thought ahead I would have made some for him to take each day to work. Bad wife! 

I changed each meal up a little by doing different veggies. One meal was with barbecued mushrooms [yum!], another with steamed broccoli and then the last with roasted brussel sprouts with a little bit of bacon [mmm bacon!]. 

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The chicken was just simply barbecued with Montreal chicken seasoning. It smells really good and it’s better than having some calorie loaded sauce smothering it. By the way, I tried a little piece and it is . . . delicious!! 

I think next weeks meals I will incorporate some brown rice and maybe do ground turkey just so I don’t get tired of eating chicken.

What are your go to meals for meal planning? Share in a comment below! I’d love to have some other yummy options on file.

Here’s to a healthier year!



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