Gotta Save Dat Money | Update


Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I know a few weeks ago I spoke about doing the 52 week money challenge. You can find the blog post here. I was already planning ahead with it and had almost all of March saved for. Then an emergency came up and I had to take from the jar, sadly. Then I decided, why don’t I just do the bingo style that Danielle over at She Makes Cents came up with. 

Basically all you do is fill in the square with the amount of money you put in the jar. I haven’t been doing this weekly but more of a when I have money type of thing. Ha! When I went to print Danielle’s version off her blog, it was a little too light and pixel’d. I’m sure I could have emailed her and gotten a better copy of it for mine but I decided to revamp it for my own use. I made mine a little more bold and bigger letters.

Here it is if you’d like to use it!

Savings Bingo

I still kept the amounts the same as hers and hope to have this filled up by the end of the year if not sooner.

Here is the progress on my jar.




I have the 52, 51 and 50 squares colored in. That means I have saved $153 so far. I want to say that at the end of it you’ll have over $1900 in your jar (if you do the bonus squares). I’m hoping that next week I will have a couple other squares marked off. My strategy is to start with the bigger dollar amounts and then work my way up to the $1 and $10 squares vs trying to do the easy ones first and saving the harder amounts for later in the year.

Have you started the challenge to save money this year? Let me know how it’s going in a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great Wednesday

*side note: Nardi (my mini dachshund) is passed out on my desk in front of me while I’m typing this. He he.


All About Them Oats >> Final Verdict


Yesterday as you recall, I made overnight oats. Packed with oats, honey (just a tiny bit), blueberries, banana and almond milk. Today is the day we see how it tastes!

*starts eating*

It’s actually pretty good. Once you get over the fact that it’s cold. Haha! I might have to try my next one heated up some. I love that its a little bit thicker than regular instant oatmeal which hopefully means it will keep me full longer. My only other concern was that a few of the blogs I found that did recipes on overnight oats, said to add the berries the next morning. Some said to add it all together and that’s what I did. The blueberries weren’t mushy then I ate them this morning. I will say though, this could use a little more honey for sweetness. But overall, it’s healthy and good for you so who cares! 

Now it’s on to trying other recipe flavors!!

xoxo Katie

All About Them Oats >> Overnight Oats

WARNING – This is my 1st time making overnight oats. What you’re about to see is prepping and waiting. Haha!


After searching up and down Pinterest to find the perfect overnight oats recipe for myself, I stumbled across one that sounded yummy. Here’s the recipe:

This recipe can be found on Karissa’s Blog With Our Best.

I was SUPER excited to get started on making my 1st overnight oats. “Oh crap!” I didn’t get brown sugar at the grocery store!! Grrr. So instead, I substituted honey. I found another recipe on pinterest that used honey. Figured I’d give it a try.

12506759_941520445897392_326812518_n 12506835_941520415897395_281152679_n 12516588_941520399230730_1400552242_n 12540241_941520439230726_295036142_n 12570858_941520429230727_1648144136_n 12571077_941520372564066_1805364871_n

All done!! Piece of cake! The one on the right was shaken up as directed on one of the many recipes I saw on Pinterest today. I cannot wait to try them tomorrow! I made one for dad because he’s been on this eating better kick with me too for the most part. “Will I still have room for eggs and sausage?”- dad. Oye. 

Have you tried overnight oats? What’s your favorite recipe/combination? I’m hoping I love these because I really need something to eat for breakfast everyday since I’m not really a breakfast eating person. We’ll see.

New post will be up tomorrow on how well I like these! Stay tuned!

Xoxo Katie

Mid-Week Update >> Meal Planning

Happy Hump Day everyone!


Today is day 3 of meal planning lunch addition. I have to say that I love being able to just open the fridge, grab a dish, microwave it for a minute or two and then eat it. It’s much nicer than standing at the fridge wondering what I’m going to make and after 10 minutes of debate, deciding to go with frozen meals (burritos and such), all because it’s “easy”. Today my lunch consisted of barbecued chicken with Montreal Chicken Seasoning with a touch of Whataburger spicy ketchup (just for a little added flavor and moisture) and yummy roasted brussel sprouts, seasoned, with a little bit of bacon added. It was delicious! If you know me, then by now you know that I am addicted to brussel sprouts. I personally love, love, LOVE them roasted. Did I say love too many times? Well I do love them roasted. Yes, it stinks up your house (as my mom would say) but they taste so good.

I also want to share a slight victory with you all as I am an avid Mountain Dew drinker. I haven’t had a Mountain Dew all week! My main drink of choice this week has been water with the occasional addition of a powerade and one can of Arizona sweet tea. I’ve been trying to keep myself on drinking more water because it’s better for you (duh) and I want to slowly work soda out of my body. I’m not completely cutting it out, oh no. I will probably have one soda a week. Which this week I did have a Root Beer. But compared to drinking soda everyday, I’d say I’m off to a good start.

What was your lunch today?

What’s the vegetable you’re loving right now?

Leave a comment below!

xoxo Katie

Meal Planning – Week 1 Lunches [Yay!]


I didn’t really discuss my 2016 resolutions with you all in my last blog post, other than mentioning money-saving. Here’s just a few resolutions I want to share with you . .  .

  1. To Save Money: Yes, I talked about this in my last post. I want to put aside a little money every week so I can be able to buy a new motor for my car as well as save up for a new lens for my camera.
  2. Healthier Eating: Yes, Instead of saying “diet”, I would just like to start eating healthier. Which means less Taco Bell [cries]. I would like to lose weight but I know it all starts with better eating. Here’s to you broccoli and chicken!
  3. Blog more often: I started this blog as a way to vent, tell you about things going on in my life and share some photography. I really haven’t been blogging much but I’m definitely going to try to bust out a move  post hopefully once a week.

Onto meal planning. I started meal planning back in 2014 when I lived in Texas. I loved it because I would do all of my cooking at once and during the week all I would have to do is pull out a plastic container and heat it in the microwave. Now that we live in California with my parents, I just haven’t ever thought about meal planning because someone might eat one of my meals or because it takes up room in the fridge to have so many containers. I know, all excuses. Since December, dad and I have been discussing healthier eating and rebuilding a garden so we can produce our own vegetables instead of constantly having to go to the store to get produce. It got me thinking that I really need to start meal planning again. So that’s what I did tonight. Meal Planning.

I did six meals above but one is for hubby to take to work tomorrow. Had I thought ahead I would have made some for him to take each day to work. Bad wife! 

I changed each meal up a little by doing different veggies. One meal was with barbecued mushrooms [yum!], another with steamed broccoli and then the last with roasted brussel sprouts with a little bit of bacon [mmm bacon!]. 

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The chicken was just simply barbecued with Montreal chicken seasoning. It smells really good and it’s better than having some calorie loaded sauce smothering it. By the way, I tried a little piece and it is . . . delicious!! 

I think next weeks meals I will incorporate some brown rice and maybe do ground turkey just so I don’t get tired of eating chicken.

What are your go to meals for meal planning? Share in a comment below! I’d love to have some other yummy options on file.

Here’s to a healthier year!