I recently started watching “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” starring Whitney Way Thore. Most people think it’s just some dumb reality tv show that’s throwing around the message that it’s okay to be overweight. It’s not…it’s much more than that. Her show and her campaign “No Body Shame” is amazing in my opinion. She’s teaching people that you don’t have to be a size 2 to be amazing and that we should respect other’s and not judge a book by it’s cover.

Recently she published her video “No Body Shame“. She had all different types of people on there talking about what they’ve gone through. One guy was missing a leg and people used to ask him if he was a Veteran and if that’s how he lost it, but he lost it in a car accident. Many people, including myself grew up getting teased for dumb stuff. Weight, looks and more. I think her video hits home with me so well because I too was bullied due to how I looked.

There were lots of instances were I was made fun of for my weight. When I was younger my uncle used to make fat jokes at me all the time because I wasn’t super skinny like his daughter and she was a dancer. I’d get made fun of at school, all the way up to college! I had one guy in my history class my sophomore year ask me how far along I was. There was a time in college that a group of girls would talk bad about me and one told me that I was ugly and that I’d never have friends. That if I didn’t kill myself, she would do it for me. There has been so many cases of bullying going on all over the world. Don’t ever judge a person by how they look. You don’t know if they have a medical issue or what. I know everyone deals with stuff differently. There were a lot of times that I thought, “Maybe it’s just time to end it and not deal with this anymore”. Yes, I thought about suicide quite frequently due to people’s comments and all the judgement. 98% of how I felt was due to being the “bigger” girl. I always felt like no one wanted to be friends with me because who wants to be friends with a fat girl. It takes a lot of time to try to convince yourself that you’re meant to stay on this earth and that you’re loved. I never gave up and you shouldn’t either. If you’re stuggling with body shame, talk to me. I’m always here for you ❤



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