Work – Stress – Life


Today especially, I feel like my head is going to blow into a million little pieces. I have a headache and I’m just so tired of dealing with stress on the daily. The sad thing is, that it’s not stress between my hubby & me, it’s stress caused by other people. Oye!

All I heard the past 8 months of my unemployed life was:

“You need to be applying for any type of job, minimum wage or higher” 

“You can’t be picky”
“You need to branch out from your town and look”

“We’re not sure you’re really putting in effort to find a job”

“You shouldn’t be set on just office jobs”

Now that I have a job, you’d think I’d get supportive words being thrown at me. Nope. It’s more like this:

“Hopefully you’re getting paid well for how far you have to travel”

“Omg it’s in Sacramento? You couldn’t find something closer??”

“So & So is hiring in Modesto…..”
“I hope this job works out for you”

“That’s too far for you to travel to work”

“Is it really worth it?”

“Is it worth the money?”

Luckily, I have some amazing friends that have supported me and have given me praise on actually getting a job and going the extra mile to provide for my family. People don’t realize that I’ve applied for over 30+ jobs since October. A lot of those jobs I reapplied for every damn month. Not only that but I did photography to help provide as well as continuing doing swagbucks to bring in extra money to cover our storage bill. My hubby supports me with everything and he’s the most supportive person in my life. He was more excited about me getting the job than anyone else. Well, Debra was right there with the excitement hehe. I just wish more people would be more supportive. Yes, I’m making $11/hr but if it means I’ll be at a job I can grow at, one that I will not have panic attacks at, one that I actually – OMG – Like, then everyone should just shut up about trying to get me to find another job already. 

I’m happy with my life currently. Do I wish I made more money? Of course, everyone wishes they made more money but at least I’m not making minimum wage. Woot! Plus, I get to work with furbabies everyday and be around clients who love their pets as much as I do! Score!

I may look like a lazy piece of crap to most people but I run the Subaru Ladies page, set up our events for Paws 4 a Cause, handle merchandise orders, deal with SOTM, contests, giveaways and also do my Subaru Ambassador stuff as well. Not only that but I’m still doing photography part time. That means – Father’s Day photos, engagements, maternity, birth photos, car photos and more! I definitely don’t sit around on my ass all day. On top of that stuff, I do swagbucks throughout the day so I’ll have a little extra money to do stuff with. #definitelynotlazy

I guess at the end of the day you’ll always have people that aren’t supportive and will always give you their .2 [negative nancys] and then there will be people there for you that are good friends and want to see you grow and do great things. I’m thankful for those friends and my hubby for sticking by me through all my melt downs and fun job hunting days. You are true friends and I’m thankful to have you in my life ❤

I guess I’ll say this last since most won’t even read this post. But if I see anymore crap about my new job, bye bye. If I see anyone talking crap to or about my hubby, bye bye. It doesn’t matter if you’re family or not. It’s my life, not yours. Peace!


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