Can’t shut my mouth….

I am probably the most horrible person out there solely for the fact that I can’t keep my damn mouth shut. I see something that upsets me and of course, I open my mouth and end up getting yelled at or make matters worse.

Tonight I just couldn’t hold it in and called out a “friend” who was on IG telling another friend that they’d go out for beers. It just shocked me that he could go out for beers when he owes my husband money. It just astounds me that people don’t think “oh let me pay this person back and just not have a social life right now”. I guess I’m one of those people that would rather stay at home, eating top ramen every day to be able to pay my friend back sooner. 

Should I have snapped at him? No. I did it out of defense for my hubby. I tend to get overly upset about something, especially when it has to do with my husband. I can’t stand seeing him get hurt by friend after friend. Or rather, “friend”.

So tonight, I apologized to that person. It was out of line for me to go on IG and start up a post talking crap. I know better than to do that and I let rage get the best of me. This isn’t the person I want to be. It’s time to start changing things. If that means no more facebook and no more IG, then I guess so be it.

I’m done.


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