Saving Money

Any of you ever go above and beyond to save money? Ya know, for a rainy day – aka – an emergency? 

Starting back in January, I decided to go ahead and try to save money. Yes, I am unemployed but I figured between selling crafts and photography, I could save some of that money each week or so and have a good little emergency fund.

I had heard about this 52 week money saving challenge and wanted to give it a shot. I went out and grabbed a pickle jar [still smells like pickles even after cleaning it] and then printed out the chart so I could keep track. I am now saved up till April 9th when I will have to put another $15 in for the week. I do think when it gets closer to December, that’s when I will have issues saving up a ton.

16906347306_ac48196f6b_o16744610168_8f07232e48_oToday, I ended up trading out $20 worth of quarters for a $20 bill from Dad. He has a Harley Davidson piggy bank that he puts all his spare change in, so I figured he wouldn’t mind having a bunch of quarters in there. Ha Ha. 

What are your money saving techniques? What works best for you?


xoxo Katie