Doing work!

Good evening ladies + gents,

Today has been a slightly busy day for me. I was finally able to sit down and get my Etsy business cards printed up and ready to pass out. Yay! By the way, I came up with the design & I absolutely, freakin love it! Just saying. 


Sadly, I only made a few simply because I had 2 orders that I needed to get ready for mailing and wanted cards to go with them. Also, I kind of am mad at myself for using textured cardstock. I wanted it to feel more like a business card but the texture messes up the print and makes the links hard to read. Hopefully, since it’s says Katie’s Larsenal of Goods at the top, people will realize that the links are all basically the same. Ha Ha!

I am so excited that I got 2 sales yesterday!!! 2!! T W O !!! My lovely friend Samantha purchased 2 of my beautiful, reversible blue/grey/white pillow covers and another lady purchased my baby girl flannel blanket. So today I decided to get them wrapped up, packed up and ready to be mailed. I just need to get another envelope so I can get the blanket finished up.



I tend to go a little over aboard on presentation, don’t ya think? Ha Ha! I love making my products look amazing before they go off to their new home. I also hope that the customer notices how I am with details and tells their friends that they need to buy from me. Tee Hee. I can wish, can’t I?

When I finished dolling these up, I ran into the livingroom and told my mom, “I nailed it!” hahaha. 

Got a minute before going to bed? Check out my etsy store HERE

Goodnight everyone!



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