Craft Central

Been awhile since I last wrote to you all out there in the interwebz and thought now would be a good time to do so since I am up swagging away so I can make some money to pay my car registration and put gas in her.

In a couple days, it will have been a month since I started my lovely Etsy store. I absolutely love being able to get creative and make such amazing things for you all! My latest projects have been flannel baby blankets and some decorative throw pillows.

16179449288_ddc713a32a_k 16365344411_b81ede6504_k


The thing I absolutely love about these pillows is that they are reversible!! You can have one particular pattern showing or switch it up and have one of each showing! They also have a hidden zipper on the bottom. So, if that pillow form gets too flat, just take it out and pop in a new one.

15717799683_f3750c6769_k 16151537489_eba10c761b_k 16346350325_f1fd012e6c_k


Here are the 3 baby blankets I have made so far. They are reversible and made of 100% cotton flannel. They are over sized vs a normal receiving blanket, making this blanket perfect for newborn to toddler! The Owl one has already been sold but the matching boy and girl one in whale print is still available!!

I have loved having an etsy store up and running. Even though I have only sold one item, I am hopeful I’ll get some new clients in the future. Stop by my store and check out my items when you have a moment. I carry everything from photo props, to headbands and scarves. I will be adding aprons to it this weekend! Give ya a little hint — Retro style! I’m planning a pin-up photoshoot with a friend who is eager to model them for me.

Don’t forget to stop by my store and check out my goodies!! Also follow my store on Instagram: @katieslarsenalofgoods



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