Ever find yourself thinking, “What should I do with my life?”. Well I tend to think that question over and over in my head every single day. Sad thing is, I’m almost 28 years old, I’m unemployed and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I figured by now I’d be married, have kids, have a career (or at least a job I liked) and have a house. I have accomplished nothing. I live with my parents (again) and my fiance wishes he was back in TX with his family, I’m not married, no kids, no house (probably won’t ever happen) and I have nothing to show for. I gave up most of my possessions so I could move back here with fiance in tow and try to start a better life and it’s not happening. I’ve had two overdraft fees thanks to my bank and lack of cancelling things online. It sucks. Life sucks at this point. I’ve basically hit rock bottom.

It’s so bad right now that I hardly like to be around my family. I feel like every time I’m around them all I’m going to hear is “how’s the job hunt going”, “Oh so and so has an awesome job..they finished school”. Or get nagged about something else. I just feel like a worthless piece of crap who is almost 28 and is living with her parents again. AGAIN! I feel like I have to stay in my room 24/7 and not eat anything because you know, that ups the grocery bill and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Most days I feel like it was a mistake coming back. Yeah we were struggling but we had our own place.

I just don’t know what to do with my life anymore.


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