California Bound!

I said it! California bound! That basically sums up this post. What more is there to say? haha. The countdown to our moving day is 3 days. We get our moving truck/trailer on the 21st and then we should be packed and on the road by the 23rd. I’m excited, scared, nervous, worried and grateful.


I started packing about a week ago. I get antsy and want to pack all at once but since we have a roach infestation and moth issue (still) I can’t just pack everything and leave it sitting in the livingroom because roaches will get into the boxes. I did pack 4 storage bins and used tape around the lid to keep the bugs out. However, I’m going to have to un-tape them tomorrow and re-pack them making sure I don’t have bugs in them. Yay me! Not!

I have been able to get some stuff packed up and put in my car just simply to get it away from the bugs and to have some stuff ready to go on the truck when we get it here. I packed our DVDs and some stockpile misc things. 

I’m not looking forward to all the cleaning that will have to be done in order to pack. The desk drawers have to come off and everything has to be thoroughly checked for bugs so we don’t bring any nasty creatures with us. It’s going to be the biggest pain in the rear but I’m hoping it doesn’t take us the full 3 days to pack and load the truck. We’re actually going to be getting rid of quite a bit of stuff that we can easily replace later. There are things that my ex’s parents gave me that I just don’t care to keep and therefore, we will not be bringing them with us. Hey! Less stuff to pack and move later.

The Drive

We plan on leaving the 23rd at [not sure of the time] PM. Since Steven has medical issues from his time in the Army, we will not be able to drive for hours upon hours. With that being said, we planned that our trip would take 4 days. That gives us Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday as full driving days. I believe we’ll be there by then but it all depends on how much driving he wants to do each day. Basically what his body will allow us to do. On top of that we will have to keep an eye on his car due to issues it’s been having. Hopefully the drive and whole move goes smoothly. 


Today Steven & I have accomplished quite a bit of cleaning/packing. I packed up two Subaru bags filled with food items from the pantry and put those in the car. I have two smaller Subaru bags left, so I used those to fill papers and folders from the desk. Those are done and ready to be moved into the car. I’m also finishing up 2 loads of laundry and getting my giraffe printed tote filled up with clothes we will use on the trip. I will also reorganize my suit case and put some of our clothes in that as well. The rest of the not-so-important clothes will be going in his old army laundry bag or his actually army duffel. He told me that it should only take us 2 hours to load the truck but I want to go through everything thoroughly so we don’t bring bugs with us. So even if we get the truck loaded, we won’t be leaving till the 23rd because we have other things we need to get finished up.

Well everyone I am back to packing. I’ll keep you all updated on our trip!

xoxo Katie


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