Reusing: Bath & Body Works Candle

I have been all about reusing things in my house that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. I recently stripped down some wine bottles and have those set aside to either paint or decorate some other way [haven’t decided yet]. Now I am on to my Bath & Body Works candles!

My mom got me two candles from Bath & Body Works for Christmas and I absolutely love them. They’re great candles and the jars are super cute as well. I recently saw a post on pinterest that sparked my interested in turning them into holders for my Q-tips and cotton balls. I am only doing one candle jar at the moment because the other one still has a lot of life left in it.

Let’s proceed!

UpcycleProject (1 of 12)I loved this Cinnamon Frosting candle! Basically anything that’s Cinnamon, I love!

I used a knife to slice into the wax and cut it into multiple pieces so it would be easier to take out.
UpcycleProject (2 of 12)

UpcycleProject (3 of 12)

Now since I am recycling the glass jar, I figured I might as well recycle the remaining wax. I have a wall wax melter thingy [ yes, thingy!] that I intend on filling with this lovely cinnamon wax. I figure the wax is still good, still has scent and why waste it in the trash when I can use it and make my kitchen smell good.UpcycleProject (4 of 12)

Next, I filled the jar with hot water and soap so that the glue will release from the bottom and I’ll be able to pull the remaining wicks out with ease. I let it sit like this for about 5 minutes.UpcycleProject (5 of 12)

Here’s my warmer reusing the wax that was remaining from my used candle. By the way, never order this type of burner. By that, I mean don’t order a burner that is two pieces. This one has a top piece [where the wax goes] that comes off and the base always moves around and then the top piece falls or spills the wax. It’s annoying! Just buy a one piece one from Scentsy!UpcycleProject (6 of 12)

Now that I was able to remove the wicks from the bottom, which I was able to easily remove with my finger nails, it was onto the labels. The front label was super easy and reminds me of a cling label more than a super sticky label. The bottom label I simply scrubbed off with soap, water and a stainless steal scrunchy type sponge.UpcycleProject (7 of 12) UpcycleProject (8 of 12)

Easy peasy!UpcycleProject (9 of 12) Ahh yes! All nice and clean and ready for Q-tips!UpcycleProject (10 of 12)


Now the finished product!!

UpcycleProject (11 of 12) UpcycleProject (12 of 12)I am still debating on painting the lid a nice, pretty purple and also adding a cute knob to the top so it’s easier to just lift and grab. Have you recycled an old object into something new and cute?


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