Healthy Food for Days!

Back story . . . I’ve always kind of been one of those people who jumps on the healthy bandwagon and then lasts a week and you know, falls off. End of story. Recently, Import Sweethearts, a group I’m part of, started a secret group called Healthy Living Sweethearts. I joined and figured it would be the best thing for me. To get motivation from other girls who have had trouble keeping motivated and well, girls like me. Thanks to all of those lovely ladies posts everyday, I am going to start my little health journey now and actually try to stick with it this time. I’m hoping to blog about this journey frequently to kind of hold me accountable. I’ve always been the “fat” girl in my family and I want to change that.


Today the husband and I went grocery shopping since it is pay day! Yay! ! ! ! ! I worked more hours at work so I’d be able to go on a decent grocery shopping trip and be able to cover our food intake for a few weeks (I’m hoping at least). Here’s what I got:

HealthyEating (1 of 11) HealthyEating (2 of 11) HealthyEating (3 of 11) HealthyEating (4 of 11) HealthyEating (5 of 11) HealthyEating (6 of 11) HealthyEating (7 of 11) HealthyEating (8 of 11) HealthyEating (9 of 11) HealthyEating (10 of 11) HealthyEating (11 of 11)


I can’t wait to get this journey started off right! Thanks to the lovely ladies on the group, I’m going to start doing meal plans just like them. I plan on doing a few days of ground turkey, brown rice and a veggie and then maybe during the weekends switching it up with a pita pocket type meal with protein. I also have fish, shrimp and chicken too so I don’t plan on getting bored with eating the same thing. Ha ha! 

My plan with this healthy eating thing is to start out with portion control and intake healthier items vs unhealthy (of course!). I’m also going to be drinking a lot more water. From there, I will start working in the exercise part of this health journey. I’ve got to take baby steps so I don’t get too overwhelmed because I am still dealing with a lot of stress of trying to find a new job. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and end up falling off this wagon again. Now for the fun part. Each time I post on my blog with an update, I will include my weigh in. Ouchie! It can’t be too bad right? Well it’s not something I’m used to. Ya know, just putting it out there that I weigh this much _______ lbs and that I’m fat. Are any of you getting back into the healthy lifestyle? Or trying it for the first time? Let me know with a comment below! Also if you have any awesome, yummy recipes or questions, feel free to ask also! 


Ohhhh yeah.. 272 lbs.


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