Only took 10 months

As many of you know, by reading my facebook posts, I used to complain about my dog everyday. She was hard to potty train and it was driving me bananas! Well, thankfully after some good advice from a friend of mine (dog whisperer 😉 ) and 10 months of keeping with the program . . . Nardi is finally potty trained!! *Celebrate good times come on!*

The first 8 months were hard. I’d try to take her out every 30 minutes and that didn’t seem to really help. She would always pee in my kitchen and poop in there as well. Then it got really bad and she was peeing on the carpet in the dining room and pooping in the kitchen. I would take her outside for 30 minutes and she wouldn’t pee or poop, but the minute you get inside . . . pee. It was so frustrating but after talking to my friend and getting great advice from her, I was able to stick with a routine and finally get her potty trained. Granted, there are still days that she’ll pee inside or poop but usually I get her out before she does it and know around what time of the day she needs to go out. This morning she peed and pooped in the kitchen. I was asleep still and Steven got up and did his normal morning stuff and let her out of her kennel. Unlike me, he just lets her out and then goes around doing other stuff that he needs to do. When I get up and let her out of her kennel, it’s to take her straight outside to go. Tiny bladder means she needs to go out first thing when she gets up. But this is why women bare children and men don’t. HaHa! Anyway, I am so thankful to say that she’s potty trained. Only took her being a year old to finally realize she has to go outside and do her business.

10292213_10204164608729016_716260369501816992_n (1)


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