Day 3: Going Strong!

Hello Lovely’s!

I am on day 3 of this health food kick and going strong! I actually haven’t had a hard time with it, shockingly enough. I don’t mind eating ground turkey or shrimp. I’ve been doing portioned meals that have consisted of ground turkey seasoned and with onions, boiled brussel sprouts and some brown rice. I made enough for 4 meals and today I finished off the last one. I actually really like eating ground turkey. It wasn’t quite seasoned enough for me so I ended up adding mustard, 0 calories and delicious! 



For breakfast each day I have just been having Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal – Strawberries & Cream. I have been having that with a glass of Silk Light Vanilla Almond Milk (Soooo Delicious!). Tomorrow I might switch it up and have a delicious smoothie instead.

Dinner tonight was a tough choice. I couldn’t figure out what exactly sounded good to eat. I ended up cooking some shrimp and putting shrimp and half of an avocado into a wheat pita pocket. It was actually rather good. I was a little surprised. 



My only downfall today was the lack of water I have consumed. I have only gotten about 1 bottle of water in my system. I’m not feeling that great today so a majority of my day was spent laying in bed asleep or watching tv. Yay for stomach pains! Anyway, I’d say I’m doing rather good besides the fact that I slipped ice cream in last night but it still wasn’t that bad. As soon as I don’t feel like crap, I’m going to start taking Nardi on walks everyday. Whelp, hubby and I are off to the in laws house. Hope you all have a great night!


Healthy Food for Days!

Back story . . . I’ve always kind of been one of those people who jumps on the healthy bandwagon and then lasts a week and you know, falls off. End of story. Recently, Import Sweethearts, a group I’m part of, started a secret group called Healthy Living Sweethearts. I joined and figured it would be the best thing for me. To get motivation from other girls who have had trouble keeping motivated and well, girls like me. Thanks to all of those lovely ladies posts everyday, I am going to start my little health journey now and actually try to stick with it this time. I’m hoping to blog about this journey frequently to kind of hold me accountable. I’ve always been the “fat” girl in my family and I want to change that.


Today the husband and I went grocery shopping since it is pay day! Yay! ! ! ! ! I worked more hours at work so I’d be able to go on a decent grocery shopping trip and be able to cover our food intake for a few weeks (I’m hoping at least). Here’s what I got:

HealthyEating (1 of 11) HealthyEating (2 of 11) HealthyEating (3 of 11) HealthyEating (4 of 11) HealthyEating (5 of 11) HealthyEating (6 of 11) HealthyEating (7 of 11) HealthyEating (8 of 11) HealthyEating (9 of 11) HealthyEating (10 of 11) HealthyEating (11 of 11)


I can’t wait to get this journey started off right! Thanks to the lovely ladies on the group, I’m going to start doing meal plans just like them. I plan on doing a few days of ground turkey, brown rice and a veggie and then maybe during the weekends switching it up with a pita pocket type meal with protein. I also have fish, shrimp and chicken too so I don’t plan on getting bored with eating the same thing. Ha ha! 

My plan with this healthy eating thing is to start out with portion control and intake healthier items vs unhealthy (of course!). I’m also going to be drinking a lot more water. From there, I will start working in the exercise part of this health journey. I’ve got to take baby steps so I don’t get too overwhelmed because I am still dealing with a lot of stress of trying to find a new job. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and end up falling off this wagon again. Now for the fun part. Each time I post on my blog with an update, I will include my weigh in. Ouchie! It can’t be too bad right? Well it’s not something I’m used to. Ya know, just putting it out there that I weigh this much _______ lbs and that I’m fat. Are any of you getting back into the healthy lifestyle? Or trying it for the first time? Let me know with a comment below! Also if you have any awesome, yummy recipes or questions, feel free to ask also! 


Ohhhh yeah.. 272 lbs.

Only took 10 months

As many of you know, by reading my facebook posts, I used to complain about my dog everyday. She was hard to potty train and it was driving me bananas! Well, thankfully after some good advice from a friend of mine (dog whisperer 😉 ) and 10 months of keeping with the program . . . Nardi is finally potty trained!! *Celebrate good times come on!*

The first 8 months were hard. I’d try to take her out every 30 minutes and that didn’t seem to really help. She would always pee in my kitchen and poop in there as well. Then it got really bad and she was peeing on the carpet in the dining room and pooping in the kitchen. I would take her outside for 30 minutes and she wouldn’t pee or poop, but the minute you get inside . . . pee. It was so frustrating but after talking to my friend and getting great advice from her, I was able to stick with a routine and finally get her potty trained. Granted, there are still days that she’ll pee inside or poop but usually I get her out before she does it and know around what time of the day she needs to go out. This morning she peed and pooped in the kitchen. I was asleep still and Steven got up and did his normal morning stuff and let her out of her kennel. Unlike me, he just lets her out and then goes around doing other stuff that he needs to do. When I get up and let her out of her kennel, it’s to take her straight outside to go. Tiny bladder means she needs to go out first thing when she gets up. But this is why women bare children and men don’t. HaHa! Anyway, I am so thankful to say that she’s potty trained. Only took her being a year old to finally realize she has to go outside and do her business.

10292213_10204164608729016_716260369501816992_n (1)

Life Lately . . .

has been a whole mess of feelings. I’ve been applying for jobs since last year and still haven’t found anything new. Sadly, I have till the beginning of June to find a job that has benefits and will pay me close to what I’m making now. Steven and i redid my resume because everyone said it was needing “improvements”. Hopefully with the changes made, it will land me a good job.

my parents drove out to visit this past weekend and I had a blast seeing them. We went out and enjoyed dinner at the boardwalk and went shopping. It was a nice treat to get to go out and not worry about anything. for once, in the past 6 months, it was nice to not have to stress out about where my next meal was coming from or how i was going to be able to get new sheets for my bed. Thanks mom & dad. It was nice to have you guys here so I could block out the pain.

now i wouldn’t say everyday has been a stressful day for me. The day my canon 7d arrived, i felt like I was on cloud 9. I love that my husband thought about me and purchased it to make me happy. Lately I haven’t really been focused on photography. This weekend I am going to step out and go take photos. I’d love it if i could have a friend or two let me practice more on them and get better but for now I think Friday the husband and I will go down to the boardwalk or to the beach to take photos.

with the stress that job hunting has had on me, i’ve completely lost myself. I’m not the same girl I was last year. I never go out anymore. Whether that be to car meets or to hang out with friends. I’ve just been more depressed lately than normal. When my parents left Monday morning, i spent the entire day crying. When i say i spent the entire day crying, i mean the entire day. It just hit me hard that i haven’t been super happy lately and the whole job thing is partially to blame. i want to go out and have fun and not have to worry about every single thing at every moment of the day. With that being said, I will get out this weekend and i will have fun.

here’s to no more lack of fun. i will have fun.



It finally happened and I got my Canon 7D!!!!!!! Yesterday it arrived in the mail and once the battery was charged, I started taking pictures. I have to thank my amazing future husband for this gift because instead of spending the money on himself, he made my dream a reality. I love him so much!

^Above photos were taken using the 7D and the 50mm lens. Below pictures are used with my phone.

My camera came with an extra battery and a 16gb memory card. I had already ordered my 50mm lens and a 32gb memory card from amazon but it’s always good to have a back up. I’m beyond excited to start getting back into photography. I’m planning on purchasing a 85mm lens by the beginning of Fall.

Here are a couple photos I took yesterday with the camera.