Ikea Strikes Again!

I have been wanting to pick up this tv stand from Ikea for almost a year now. Luckily, my in laws and my sister in law chipped in and gave me gift cards for Christmas so I could get it.

Last weekend Steven and I ventured to Ikea to get the tv stand. I had debated on getting the big one over the small one because I liked how it looked more and figured if we got a tv bigger than the one we have now, it would be a better option. However, we decided to go with the small one so we didn’t have to pay out of pocket (also didn’t think the big one would fit in the car).

I went ahead and added a few cute items to the tv stand, just to spruce it up. I added two lovely bath & body works candles and my lucky kitty from Ichiban that my lovely friend Brittney bought me for my birthday (it was filled with delicious sake).

I feel like our apartment is finally beginning to be more of an “adult” apartment instead of a teenagers apartment or young adult, I guess. I can’t wait to get some more cute furniture and put my twist on decorating.


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