Ikea Strikes Again!

I have been wanting to pick up this tv stand from Ikea for almost a year now. Luckily, my in laws and my sister in law chipped in and gave me gift cards for Christmas so I could get it.

Last weekend Steven and I ventured to Ikea to get the tv stand. I had debated on getting the big one over the small one because I liked how it looked more and figured if we got a tv bigger than the one we have now, it would be a better option. However, we decided to go with the small one so we didn’t have to pay out of pocket (also didn’t think the big one would fit in the car).

I went ahead and added a few cute items to the tv stand, just to spruce it up. I added two lovely bath & body works candles and my lucky kitty from Ichiban that my lovely friend Brittney bought me for my birthday (it was filled with delicious sake).

I feel like our apartment is finally beginning to be more of an “adult” apartment instead of a teenagers apartment or young adult, I guess. I can’t wait to get some more cute furniture and put my twist on decorating.


Almay Beauty Products

Most recently I scored some Almay beauty products for FREE. Yes, you read that: FREE! I’ll go into details on how I was able to get 10 Almay beauty products for free at the end of this post.

To start off, I got 4 packs of makeup remover wipes. I love that they’re gentle on my skin and get all of my makeup completely off.

Next I got 4 lovely lip glosses. Had I known they weren’t going to be on the same sale as the wipes the following week, I would have gotten more. The two in the middle are twins because Walgreen’s didn’t have much of a selection.

From Left to Right: Cantaloupe, Apricot and Pink.

If I have to choose one to be my favorite, I’d go with pink. The shade is beautiful and these glosses don’t put too much color on your lips; just enough. They’re not overly sticky like some lip glosses and are great for when you just don’t want to wear lipstick.

Left to Right: Smoke & Hot Fudge

Left to Right: Hot Fudge & Smoke

I love the richness of the Hot Fudge brown color but have to say that I absolutely love the smoke color. I grabbed these two colors because I figure they’ll work well together or apart. Plus, they were the nicest colors to choose from since the other colors available were a royal blue and a baby blue and I’m just not about that life. Ha Ha! The tag on the eyeshadows pretty much sums them up, they’re softies. They’re not a grainy, rough eyeshadow to work with, they’re soft.

Now onto the goody details. I was able to score these free via Walgreen’s sale going on right now for Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. The sale runs through Saturday and does not include lip glosses (sorry!). There’s a $5/2 coupon available here, along with a $2 off ea. walgreens in store booklet coupon that makes the eyeshadows and the wipes above absolutely FREE! Be warned, some cashiers will argue with you if you tell them they coupon needs to be adjusted down. Just stand your ground and if all else fails, toss the coupon policy at them. Let me break down how the transaction will go:

Buy 2 Almay Eyeshadows (the ones I show): $4.99 ea.
B1G1 50% makes 2nd one $2.49
Total before coupons: $7.48
Use $2 Coupon from Walgreens booklet (takes $2 off each product)
Use 1 $5/2 Almay Printable Coupon (has to be manually adjusted down to remaining amount
Total after coupons: Free! (some may pay tax)

Having a baby…


At a certain point in a young woman’s life, you think to yourself, “I want to have children one day”. Then you sit down and write out all of the pros and cons to having children and how much money it’s going to take to raise them and you think, “Well, when is the perfect time for me to have a kid going to be?”.

I’ve always pictured myself as being a younger-ish mom and having the kid kind of, grow up with me. I wanted to be that fun, hip mom, not an older mom.There have been points in my life where I just want the whole “having a child” experience to happen already and start a little family of my own. I look around and almost all of my friends are married, have careers and have 1+ children. I’m kind of envious in a way because I want to feel that kind of love and to have that experience but I also have to tell myself that my time will come and that things will slowly start happening for me.

I also want to be married and have a nice wedding before children come into the works. However, I’m one of those people that does not want to just try and try to have a kid; I want it to happen out of no where. Which brings me to my facebook post last night:

Crappy night  — feeling down.

The past week has been rough and I’ve been having slight stomach pains and being light headed a couple days. Well I checked my calendar and realized that I should have started my period on the 27th of February and here now it’s the 5th of March and now I’m 7 days late. I didn’t freak out too bad over the thought of being pregnant because if it happens, it happens and I’ll deal with it. I was more worried about what my family would say, how I’d be shunned for having a baby out of wed-lock. 

So last night Steven took me down to CVS and I purchased a pregnancy test. This isn’t my first rodeo with having to use one so I already knew what to do. Here are the results:


I know my mom is probably reading this and thinking, “Thank you lord!!!”. A lot of my friends that I shared this with were congratulating me on not being pregnant. Yet, I was not in the party spirit. I actually tossed it in the trash shortly after taking this picture and went into the living room and sat on the couch and cried for 30 minutes. Steven grabbed me and held me tight and just let me cry into his chest. I know it’s ridiculous to get so emotional over something that will eventually happen (when the time is right) but part of me is actually looking forward to being a mom. Despite what certain people think (Yes, I’ve heard this before), that I wouldn’t make a good mom, I disagree. I think I’d make a great mom. I know my day will come and I’ll get the opportunity to be a mommy to a little Larsen. For now, I’ll just have to wait.

With that all being said, today I feel a little better. Except for the fact that I’m broken right now. I’ve been needing to go to the doctor since, let’s see, um…. 2009 and just never have insurance or money to go (yes, mom, I hear you over there saying “Well that’s why you don’t need a baby”). I think because of whatever is wrong, that’s why I am “late”. I’m not sure. All I know is that I felt like writing this because I like to put vague posts on facebook and it drives everyone nuts. So hopefully, the title of this post draws those in that are actually “concerned” about me. That way I don’t have to actually put on facebook, “Oh hey guys, 7 days late on getting my period but nope, I’m not prego, thanks”.



Reaching the Inner Girly Girl in Me

Almost every girl grows up loving makeup, except me. I played with makeup when I was really little but I never really got hooked on it. A ton of my friends are amazing at applying makeup and creating gorgeous looks with ease. I tend to test my luck with creating a gorgeous look but almost always mess up and get so frustrated that I just don’t want to continue.

Today I was feeling lucky and decided to play around with some new Rimmel products sent to me on behalf of Influenster for becoming a brand badge winner. The products include:

    • Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara in 001 Black
    • Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner
    • Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner
    • Show Off Lip Lacquer in 101 Cesetial
    • Show Off Lip Lacquer in 400 Big Bang

Top: Cesetial Bottom: Big Bang

Left: Thick & Thin Right: Precision Micro

Big Bang, Cesetial, Thick & Thin and Precision Micro

Now for the look you’ve all been waiting for!!!!

Not too shabby for having only tried liquid eyeliner twice. I finished this look off with the Big Bang Lip Lacquer, just to be bold. *Note: First time ever wearing red!*

The products I used:

    • Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
    • Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner
    • Show Off Lip Lacquer – Big Bang
    • Urban Decay Eye Primer
    • Coastal Scents Eyeshadow – Brownish purple hue

What do you think about this look? Please leave a comment below!