The Struggle is Real

Ever find yourself running low on cash and wondering where it’s all going? Well most likely, you aren’t budgeting and money is going into stupid things instead of the really important things such as: Rent, Car Insurance, Bills (general). I fall victim of getting paid and then not knowing where my money went a few weeks later. When you look at it, we make a decent amount of money for the most part. We’re not rich but we’re not living off minimum wage either. There are days I will look at what we make and add up mine and Steven’s incomes and think , “Holy crap! We have this much money!” and then at the end of the month it’s more like, “Where did all that money go!”. Bills only take up about $1100 of what we make. So what’s happening to the rest of our income? Well, thanks to this lovely lady over at Thirty Handmade Days, she’s posted a great budget planner for everyone to print out. It helps you keep track of what you’re spending on bills, groceries and extra expenses for the month. There’s also a grocery list available as well as a monthly meal plan.


Over the years I’d say I’ve been really frugal with my money spending. I’m not the type of woman to go out shopping everyday and buy purses and jewelry that I will not use or wear. I tend to hold onto what money I have for as long as I can. I do fail at holding onto my money when it comes to going out to eat. I think most of you feel the same. You get home late from work and you don’t have anything in your kitchen to cook and are too lazy to go to the grocery store and then come home and cook . . .so we just go out and get the closest fast food we can and deal with it. Yup, happens to us all at some point. I’ve decided that this year, I’m going to change that! I’m going to crack down and start making more and more meals at home and saving the hubby and me some money.

My reasons for saving money: 

  1. I’m saving money….duh! more money more money!
  2. I dream to own a house one day
  3. I want to have my wedding in California
  4. Emergency back up for vet bills and medical bills
  5. Emergency back up for car issues

With a new year comes new goals. My goal for the year is to start putting more and more money into my savings account to have for emergencies. I also plan to keep a jar of coins (hidden from the hubby since he likes to dip into it too much) and use that toward a house or vice versus. Either way, I want to start saving money. I’m tired of it getting down to the end of the month and having to pay bills and something like a vet bill keeping me from getting my cat’s medical issues taken care of. Hopefully I can stick with this and get a good chunk of money set aside by the end of the year.

My savings goal: reach $1200 by the end of the year

 – – – – If you have any money saving tips, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what works for you! – – – –


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