Nardi: The Puppy Chronicles Part 1

Nardi is the newest addition to the Larsen family. My husband really wanted a dog and I caved. A friend mentioned to Steven that he had a friend who had puppies that needed homes. After seeing the photos, we fell in love. She’s exactly 2 months and 15 days old today. She’s a mini dapple dachshund.

It’s definitely a challenge getting used to having a dog. I’ve been a cat person for so many years and dogs are just so different. I think I’ll always be more of a cat person than a dog person. They’re low maintenance, independent and less destructive.

Nardi has been with us now since Wednesday, July 17th. Her and her sister were driven down here from Dallas; thanks to Krista’s (my boss) sister. Nardi’s sister, now named Luna, is my coworkers puppy. Nardi cried for quite a bit on the drive home after the first day. The second day went better because I was able to bring her to work with me and Luna was there too. They had so much fun playing together and sleeping in the kennel with each other. Definitely was a lot of sisterly love going on. She did however, cry most of the drive home that day because she missed her sister.

Yesterday Nardi had her first vet appointment. She got another distemper shot, got on the puppy plan and got a shot for the tape worm she had. She has a few fleas but nothing too terrible. Her current weight is 4.2 pounds. Her sister, Luna, weighs 5.4 pounds. Luckily after we got home from the appointment, she ended up passing the worm. Steven thought it was gross and almost puked but it’s nothing new to me.

Currently she has been asleep on the couch, wrapped in a blanket for a little over 2.5 hours! She got a flea bath today and was moving around like crazy afterwards. I decided to throw the blanket in the dryer for a bit and when I put her in it, she just passed out. It was so cute.

She is an adorable little puppy, we just have to keep working on her potty training because she constantly poops inside the house. Also, after my neighbors chihuahua scared her, she hates going outside now to pee. Hopefully when she awakes from her nap, she’ll be good and ready to pee outside.

Hope you all enjoyed my post!!


That Healthy Food Life

I was on Facebook this morning scrolling through all of the news feeds and found a video a friend of mine posted called “I hate diets”. I couldn’t help but watch and agree with parts of it. The dude goes in to saying that people say one food is healthy but years later decide it’s not healthy for you. This sparked me to do a post. Haha!

Photo credit: Google

I’ve been trying to get into eating better and I’ve been doing alright at it. Granted, I still eat some crap every now and then but compared to when I worked in Cali, I’m doing AMAZING haha. I went from eating Taco Bell like every day at work to not hardly eating it at all. I already know what you’re going to say “Omg Taco Bell isn’t good for you!”. Yes, I realize this. Sometimes I think people take me for an idiot. I know it’s not good for you….geez! That doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste yummy. haha.

Moving on. This got me thinking about how every time I’d start eating really really good and throw a lot of fruits and vegetables into my diet, people would have to comment about it. It wouldn’t be, “Good job on throwing in some veggies and fruits into your diet”, it would be, “Don’t eat bananas, they have too much fat and sugar”. So you’d pretty much rather have me eating a cookie than a banana? That’s how I look at it anyway. It’s the same thing when I eat corn. At least one person has got to tell me that corn isn’t good for you. “Don’t eat corn, it doesn’t have that many nutrients” (or something like that). I still look at it like this, if I’m eating a fruit or vegetable, then why complain? If I eat a cookie then you’re really REALLY going to tell me about it. I would have a TON of people going crazy on my facebook if I posted a picture of a pack of oreos, good grief! I’d hear, “Oreos are bad for you!” “That’s a lot of sugar” “Those are processed and bad for you”.

There’s always going to be one person that doesn’t like what someone is eating. Oh, you don’t like this yummy vegetable I’m eating or this cookie? Geez, guess I might as well just starve since I can’t make you people happy. No matter what, someone is always going to have a different opinion. But really, “Don’t eat corn or bananas”…that’s just crazy talk. Almost everything has some sort of sugar or fat in it. It’s like back in the day when everyone was against real butter. Now everyone is against margarine. Guess it’s a good thing I just stuck with butter. The “real” stuff is always going to be better for you than the fake stuff. Anyway, I’m veering off topic here, haha. The truth in the matter is, there’s always going to be someone with a different opinion. If you don’t like corn because it doesn’t have nutrients or whatever, that’s fine. Don’t eat it! I personally love corn. No, I don’t sit down and eat 20 ears of corn a day but I do like corn haha. Same with bananas, I like bananas but I’m not sitting at home eating a whole bunch of bananas. I’m more of a once every other day banana girl.

One more thing I’d like to add before I end this post…Do you think it’s a good thing to constantly tell your friends that they’re lifestyle is not good? I’ve had numerous encounters with different people telling me all I get is crap. Oh, I have too much soda, or too much junk. Yes, I have quite a bit of soda in my pantry but I also have a ton of water. My fridge is also well stocked with orange juice (“Omg don’t drink OJ! It has sugar!”) and Almond Milk. Just because I have soda doesn’t mean I’m am sitting down drinking a 2L everyday. I drink a bunch of water at work and have a soda or orange juice when I get home. I used to drink WAY more soda when I lived in Cali. Mountain dew has always been my drug and still is. Thing is, I don’t drink much of it now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a soda a day as long as you’re drinking more water over anything. It’s the same with coffee drinkers. Having one a day is not a bad thing but if you’re having 3-4 a day, that’s a little crazy but to each their own. It’s also the same with cereal. I have a bunch of cheerios in my pantry that I got for super cheap. Cheerios aren’t bad for you and are a lot better than other cereals but there’s always going to be one person that doesn’t agree and says they’re bad. “They have too many carbs, too much sugar, they’re processed”. Almost everything these days is processed or has carbs or sugar. There’s no escaping that. I’m just tired of people judging others for what they eat, even if it’s healthy foods. It’s like watch out! She’s got some ice cream in her freezer!! Yes, there is ice cream in my freezer but that doesn’t mean I’m sitting at home going through the entire thing of ice cream in one sitting. Food is food. The starving kids in Africa wouldn’t turn down an ice cream bar if given one. “Sorry mister, I can’t eat that. It’s got too much sugar”. Kid would be like “Omg I have food to eat!!”


People Have Got To Eat!!