Lately (months now), I’ve been wanting to redecorate the apartment but I just never seem to have money or time (really just money) to put toward making the place feel more cozy and alive. Yes, our apartment seems dead, in a way, to me. I love bright, open apartments. I dislike apartments that are always dark and rely more on artificial light. I’m also one of those girls that loves color but also loves to keep things simple and clean. I like love the modern feel of IKEA furniture. I’m not so much a fan of the instructions they include when it comes to building the furniture or that some of the furniture feels cheaply made but I do love the look of it.

I wanted to share my current design styles with you all. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to decorating this apartment to where I want it or not. My lease is up in October and August is when I have to figure out if we are staying there or moving on. Once we have decided on what we are doing (and able to afford), I can go about decorating. Enjoy!!

I absolutely a fan of grey couches, walls, rugs, you name it!

One of the things I am really dying to do is to make/find some cute grey and white chevron curtains!! I love the chevron print and would love to have curtains for my living room. I did find a blog where a lady cut grey strips and used fabric glue to place them on the white curtain. I’ve also seen people get a white curtain and then paint on the stripes.

I’m absolutely in love with the comforter set above but only in charcoal grey.

One day I’m going to ask my hubby to make this table for me. I absolutely love it!


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