Aeros & Autos Car Show – Houston, TX

Saturday morning at 8:20am, the clouds are covering the sky and the humidity is on the rise. Car show participants line up awaiting photo shoots and registration knowing that a long (hot) day is ahead.

Chellsie cleaning up her husbands Subaru

As soon as everyone gets in rows for the show; towels, detail spray and tire shine come out in full force! Everyone wants to have their rides looking extra sparkly and clean for the judges and spectators to view.

A wide variety of cars participated in the car show. Everything from classics to lifted trucks attended. There were exotic cars, hot rods, lifted trucks, lowered trucks and fast cars. A good selection to please almost any car enthusiasts taste.

The event lasted from 9am-4pm. Along with the car show there was the half mile race, music, food and freebies.

Each car show participant received a 4×6 photo of their car with an old war plane, a bag of goodies and an event t-shirt. Enjoy the photos!

Edited Version 1 ^

Edited Version 2 ^ I could decide which one I liked better.

Best of all!! My handsome man and our friend took home Best Import awards!!


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