Hello Wednesday

Haven’t posted in awhile so I figured while it was slow at work I would do a little updating. Haven’t weighed myself in over a week now and I’m nervous to see what my weight is now. I haven’t been working out as much because I frankly can’t find enough time in my day. I go to work early, get home late, eat dinner (at like 8), shower and then in the bed I go. (I know, all excuses). I need to setup a schedule to follow with what exercises to do each day and try to keep on track or I’ll never see progress.

Another thing that’s been really difficult is keeping on the healthy eating. Healthy food is expensive and produce goes bad quickly. I’ve managed to save most of my fruit by slicing it up and freezing it. I will say this, I’ve managed to eat way less greasy foods than I used to. We’ve been eating more chicken and just baking it with some seasoning and then squirting some lemon juice on it when it’s out of the oven. It’s really good and I know chicken is way healthier for you than red meats. Sadly, we ran out of chicken the other night and are just left with beef and a bunch of burritos I got for free. I’ve basically been eating a burrito a day for lunch at work. It’s the only thing I have to take with me pretty much since we are really low on sandwich essentials. I know I’m trying to lose weight and eat better but sometimes when you don’t have money, there’s not much else you can do. So don’t start judging me because I’ve been having to eat burritos for lunch everyday instead of something better. Eventually when the hubby and I are caught up on bills, then we’ll be able to get a bunch of chicken and veggies for meals. Till then I am stuck eating what is available to me.

Lately, I’ve been turning to Pinterest for healthy food ideas and workouts to do. I absolutely can’t wait to have money to be able to do a shrimp dish with mango, onions, cliantro and avocado. It sounds so yummy! There are also so really good workout tips and plans on Pinterest as well. I really like this one and might give it a whirl.

I’ll probably wait to do this one in June seeing as how we are already a week into May. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on Pinterest most of the day looking for healthy recipes and workouts to do. I need to stop being lazy and take control.

^I feel this way all the time!! One day I’ll learn to love myself.


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