Lately (months now), I’ve been wanting to redecorate the apartment but I just never seem to have money or time (really just money) to put toward making the place feel more cozy and alive. Yes, our apartment seems dead, in a way, to me. I love bright, open apartments. I dislike apartments that are always dark and rely more on artificial light. I’m also one of those girls that loves color but also loves to keep things simple and clean. I like love the modern feel of IKEA furniture. I’m not so much a fan of the instructions they include when it comes to building the furniture or that some of the furniture feels cheaply made but I do love the look of it.

I wanted to share my current design styles with you all. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to decorating this apartment to where I want it or not. My lease is up in October and August is when I have to figure out if we are staying there or moving on. Once we have decided on what we are doing (and able to afford), I can go about decorating. Enjoy!!

I absolutely a fan of grey couches, walls, rugs, you name it!

One of the things I am really dying to do is to make/find some cute grey and white chevron curtains!! I love the chevron print and would love to have curtains for my living room. I did find a blog where a lady cut grey strips and used fabric glue to place them on the white curtain. I’ve also seen people get a white curtain and then paint on the stripes.

I’m absolutely in love with the comforter set above but only in charcoal grey.

One day I’m going to ask my hubby to make this table for me. I absolutely love it!


Aeros & Autos Car Show – Houston, TX

Saturday morning at 8:20am, the clouds are covering the sky and the humidity is on the rise. Car show participants line up awaiting photo shoots and registration knowing that a long (hot) day is ahead.

Chellsie cleaning up her husbands Subaru

As soon as everyone gets in rows for the show; towels, detail spray and tire shine come out in full force! Everyone wants to have their rides looking extra sparkly and clean for the judges and spectators to view.

A wide variety of cars participated in the car show. Everything from classics to lifted trucks attended. There were exotic cars, hot rods, lifted trucks, lowered trucks and fast cars. A good selection to please almost any car enthusiasts taste.

The event lasted from 9am-4pm. Along with the car show there was the half mile race, music, food and freebies.

Each car show participant received a 4×6 photo of their car with an old war plane, a bag of goodies and an event t-shirt. Enjoy the photos!

Edited Version 1 ^

Edited Version 2 ^ I could decide which one I liked better.

Best of all!! My handsome man and our friend took home Best Import awards!!

Rant Rant Rant

Seems like lately all I’ve done is rant about stuff. Ha Ha! Hopefully that is all over this weekend. I just want to make it be known that I am done helping people out. I’ve had numerous people come to me wanting me to teach them how to coupon but in reality, they just want me to do all of the work. Find the deals, get the coupons, tell them exactly what coupon to use where and for what item. It’s ridiculous and I’m just over it. I start out explaining how to do it and then the person either gets uninterested or like I said, wants me to do the work. I don’t mind going couponing for you, if you give me money to actually get the items that you want. I’m not, however, going to use my money to get the items

Money Money Money!!!! Money!

you want and give them to you free of charge. That’s crazy! I also don’t mind people coming over to buy stuff from my stock for 50% off retail. Lots of people think it’s okay to ask me numerous times for stuff that I’ve gotten, “Hey I want some of those!!” “Can I have some of these?” “Hook me up”. No! I also don’t appreciate people referring to me as a hoarder. In no ways am I even close to being a hoarder. I actually use the items I have in my house and if I’m not planning on using them, I give them to family members. For example, my bazillion razors in my linen closet, sure I won’t be using them cause I honestly hate disposables but my mother in law and father in law both use them so they will be stocked up for a long time.

Don’t try to tell me that I should donate all of my stuff. I got the stuff for a reason, I use it. Yes I have 100+ boxes of cat food but they don’t expire till next year and my cat will be able to eat most of that. If not, I’ll be feeding the homeless kitties outside. Yes, I know it’s great to donate and I do give somethings to friends and family members but if I donate all of what I have, then I  have to spend money to buy more of that item for my family. I’m on a really tight budget and that just won’t cut it. I’m not being stingy because I do give people things that I’ve gotten for free or cheap.

If you want to learn how to coupon and are SERIOUSLY interested in it and don’t plan on wasting my time, then ask. I’ve tried to help people save money who have a low income and who could actually use the help but there is only so much I can do. I’m for sure as hell not going to do all of the couponing for you to save you the money. You’re on your own. If you don’t want my help, that’s fine too. I personally love couponing because it’s an easy way for me to provide for my family. I know it’s a little time consuming because you have to get the inserts, organize and clip them before you go to the store. It does take time getting the hang of it but in the end it’s rewarding. Yes, there are some items that I get that I will never use but if the store is paying me $0.78+ for the item, then I’ll be getting it and using the overage toward items I need that I can’t always afford.

Example: The 61+ tubes of Poligrip. Yes I don’t have a need for the poligrip but my grandma, father and grandmother-in-law do. Each box gave me $0.78 overage. That’s a whopping total of $47.58 that I was able to put toward snacks, fruits, veggies, meats and other items I needed. I couldn’t pass that up!

I know a lot of people don’t want to get into couponing like I do because of a lack of space to store everything. You don’t have to buy such big quantities as to where you have no room for anything. Always research before you buy and see if a friend or family member can use that product. It’s helping you out and helping them out. If you can get an item from a store and be paid $0.50 for it and put that $0.50 toward diapers, shampoo, food…then why not? The poligrip was one of the best things I’ve been able to coupon for. Not only did I use the overage on things I really needed but now my grandma, who’s on a strict budget, will be set for quiet awhile on a product that is sorta expensive to buy when you have to buy 3 a month.

Still don’t believe the power of couponing? Ask me questions and I’ll gladly answer them. I’m here to help you out, if you need or want the help.



  1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
  2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: “ignorant of astronomy”.

Today I was referred to as “ignorant”. The reasoning behind this was simply because I do not care to use a product that a few other ladies are using. It is simply my own opinion and therefore I am “ignorant”. I did not know that by having my own opinion that I would be “ignorant” or anything of the sort. I thought everyone had the freedom of speech and the right to their own opinions. 

The topic was the It Works! Wraps. I simply see them as being a waste of money when it comes down to weight loss. 1. They’re $59+ for 4; which adds up over time and 2. If you want to lose weight, just work out. Yet again, these are my own opinions and if you’re using them, more power to you but I, myself would rather workout hard to lose the weight than to use wraps that don’t leave a permanent effect. I want to be proud of my weight loss and I see using the wraps and sitting around my house as not being something to be proud of. Yet again, to each their own. It might work for other people but I’m different. Not everyone is going to be pro wraps or pro working out. I know for a lot of people it’s hard to work out and to lose the weight but most of them are just really lazy. I know I’m pretty lazy but I also know that I can’t just sit around and do nothing all the time.

Lately, I’ve been really sucking at working out and losing weight. Mainly the reason being that I wake up and head to work and work 10 hour days. By the time I get home it’s 7pm and I have to make dinner, shower and then go to bed to wake up early and start it all over. I know this is just an excuse really but eventually I’ve gotta make more time in my schedule to work out. Tomorrow after work I am going to force myself to go to the apartment gym and use the eliptical or treadmill. I’m really not a fan of running outside and I figure if I’m at least getting on the treadmill that that is something toward progress. Eventually I’ll be able to do better running outside. The only downfall of using the apartment gym is that it’s super tiny and there’s a lack of machines. There are probably 3 elipticals, 2 treadmills and then a few weight machines. Usually when I’d go in there there would be 5+ people using the machines and I’d wait about 30 minutes or so to use one and the people would just hog the machine; so I stopped going.

I think I shall end this post here and bid a farewell. My next post will be a little more uplifting and less drama filled. Ha ha! If you have any pointers on good exercises for beginners please leave a comment. Also if you have some good (but yummy) healthy recipes you’d like to share, please leave a comment. Thanks!!

Hello Wednesday

Haven’t posted in awhile so I figured while it was slow at work I would do a little updating. Haven’t weighed myself in over a week now and I’m nervous to see what my weight is now. I haven’t been working out as much because I frankly can’t find enough time in my day. I go to work early, get home late, eat dinner (at like 8), shower and then in the bed I go. (I know, all excuses). I need to setup a schedule to follow with what exercises to do each day and try to keep on track or I’ll never see progress.

Another thing that’s been really difficult is keeping on the healthy eating. Healthy food is expensive and produce goes bad quickly. I’ve managed to save most of my fruit by slicing it up and freezing it. I will say this, I’ve managed to eat way less greasy foods than I used to. We’ve been eating more chicken and just baking it with some seasoning and then squirting some lemon juice on it when it’s out of the oven. It’s really good and I know chicken is way healthier for you than red meats. Sadly, we ran out of chicken the other night and are just left with beef and a bunch of burritos I got for free. I’ve basically been eating a burrito a day for lunch at work. It’s the only thing I have to take with me pretty much since we are really low on sandwich essentials. I know I’m trying to lose weight and eat better but sometimes when you don’t have money, there’s not much else you can do. So don’t start judging me because I’ve been having to eat burritos for lunch everyday instead of something better. Eventually when the hubby and I are caught up on bills, then we’ll be able to get a bunch of chicken and veggies for meals. Till then I am stuck eating what is available to me.

Lately, I’ve been turning to Pinterest for healthy food ideas and workouts to do. I absolutely can’t wait to have money to be able to do a shrimp dish with mango, onions, cliantro and avocado. It sounds so yummy! There are also so really good workout tips and plans on Pinterest as well. I really like this one and might give it a whirl.

I’ll probably wait to do this one in June seeing as how we are already a week into May. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on Pinterest most of the day looking for healthy recipes and workouts to do. I need to stop being lazy and take control.

^I feel this way all the time!! One day I’ll learn to love myself.