Feeling that burn!

I know it’s not much but today I did two workouts within 30 minutes. I should be doing an hour each day of workouts but I’ve gotta slowly work my way into it since I haven’t worked out in a long time.

Thanks to my lovely friend Kerri for informing me of Sparkpeople.com. It’s an amazing website with nutrition, workout videos, healthy cooking recipes, a calorie tracker and a forum to be able to get advice from others on weight loss. Tonight I decided to do two workouts listed on their site. One was the Bootcamp Day 1 cardio/kickboxing workout and the second one was a chair/core workout. The cardio one definitely kicked my butt but the lady was also doing burpees on there and I can’t do those yet. I did keep moving and doing other exercises while she did those. The core one was nice because it works on your lower back muscles, shoulders and stomach.

I pretty much decided to take a break from running tonight because my feet have been hurting. I didn’t want to just take another day off from working out since I did that yesterday to complete some chores that needed to be done badly. I figure I’ll alternate days and do video workouts one day and then walking/running the next day. Hopefully tomorrow since the hubby and I are both off work, we can someone squeeze in a quick run.

As far as nutrition, well I kinda slacked off in that department today and yesterday. I’m running out of healthy food and I won’t have money for another two weeks to buy new stuff. So I just have to eat what I have here. At least I’m adding a workout into the mix. *wink*. Once all of our bills are caught up and we have some extra money, then I’ll be able to get more fruits and veggies.

If anyone is interested, there’s another site that I used to use called Self.com. It’s basically the same concept. You have a forum you can discuss exercises with other people. They have nutrition and work outs as well. I loved the recipes I would find on there and I know there are a lot of good recipes on Sparkpeople.com too.

Well, time for a shower!! I’m stinky..ick!


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