Couponers: Who We Really Are

A lot of people have the wrong perception of couponers these days. Here’s a list of what people outside of the couponing world think about couponers:

  1. We’re hoarders
  2. We’re shelf clearers
  3. We buy things we don’t need
  4. We sell stuff on craigslist for profit
  5. We don’t share
  6. We’re greedy
  7. We steal

I have been one of those people that has been referred to as a hoarder. Since when do hoarders have a stockpile of neatly organized things? Also, hoarders do not like giving up items. I have given plenty of friends and family members items such as toothpaste, yogurt, room spray, bug spray, razors, cat food, cat treats, shampoo and body wash.

People tend to think that since I have 100+ boxes of cat food, that I’m going to allow those to go to waste when really I’m feeding 6-7 homeless kitties that could use some fattening up. I never let anything go to waste. If I know something is going to expire before I’ll use it, I’ll find someone who can use it.

Most people have the misconception that since I coupon that I’m going to go out and clear all of the shelves of one specific product. I try not to clear shelves however, if there is 1-2 items and I just have 1-2 coupons, of course I’m going to get what I need. I’m not going to go in with 60 coupons and try to get 60 items and leave none for anyone else. I’m just not that type of person.

When it comes down to buying things we don’t need well, sometimes we do it and sometimes we don’t. It really depends on the deals that are going on. If it’s for a certain cereal that I won’t eat but I’m getting it free or for free plus overage, I’ll get it and donate it to a friend or family member. Most people think that since the lady in front of of them is getting so many items, it’s because they’re getting items just to get them, that they don’t really need. Well most of us tend to donate items we won’t use. I know a ton of couponers that donate to homeless shelters and to churches. So don’t always think that because the lady is getting 20 packs of razors that she’s just getting them for no reason. She could be donating them.

Selling stuff on craigslist for a profit – I have yet to hear of a couponer selling stuff for profit on craigslist because it’s against the law really to sell items like that one craigslist. Now, if you want to sell to family members or friends for a discounted price, that’s different but it actually is helping family members by getting the products they love for a more affordable price.

As for we’re greedy, we don’t share and we steal – A lot of couponers, myself included, tend to not be greedy or not share. Like I said earlier, there have been a lot of items I’ve gotten for cheap or free that I have actually given away to family and friends. I’m not going to have a panic attach about my stockpile. If there’s something you need and don’t have a lot of money, why not just come see me and I can hook you up. Not all of us are greedy. As for stealing, this tends to deal more with cashiers than anything. Quite often cashiers throw hissy fits when we are getting items for free or paid to take the items pretty much. I don’t see what the big deal is because the company reimburses the store for the coupon.

Just a reminder: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Remember that most couponers out there are actually good people who donate to help others out.


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