Candy Bar Ideas

I’m obsessed with the new trend of having a candy bar at your wedding! I love the idea of having everyone be able to enjoy our favorite sweets and take some home in a cute box as a little wedding favor.

I really didn’t know anything about candy bars until became a hit and then everything you could ever imagine was on there. I stumbled across the candy bar idea on the wedding section and I’ve also seen people use the candy bar idea for little kids birthday parties. Simply perf! (perfect) haha.

I’ve seen people use apothecary jars, cylinder and square vases and other different styles of jars. I’ve been researching prices on all different types of jars at Michaels, World Market and Pier1. I’ve seen them range from $9.99-$45!!

I found these at Pier1 for $24 for both! Not a bad price and I absolutely love the chalkboard label. Perfect for writing down the specific candy that is in the jar.

I also found these that I think would add some character because they aren’t exactly the same style as the ones above. I kind of want to have random jars in style and shape.

These range from $2.99-$5.99 and are available at World Market.

I also found some traditional apothecary jars that I’d love to buy and use but they’re a little more expensive. However, I have seen people use these for cottonballs and q-tips in the bathroom and it makes the bathroom around look much fancier! Haha.

These are listed on Peir1’s website for $24.95 for the left one and $19.95 for the right one.

I think out of the two above, I’d probably be more likely to go with the short one so that it’s easier for people to get candy out of and it’s a little rounder.

I found this cute little round one at world market that I’d love to get and it’s not too expensive either!

$14.99 at World Market.

Found this one on the Cheap pricing on jars! This one is a gallon and is $7.69 ea when you buy 2.

Here are some cute candy bars that other people have put together that kind of give me an idea of how I want to arrange mine.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

I can’t wait to start getting things together and make this all happen!!! Luckily since I’m a couponer, I should be able to get a bunch of candy for cheap. Hopefully! Now I just need to make a list of our favs!

How many different types of candy should we have? I think more than 4 because I want a good variety!


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