Wedding Planning

Wedding planning has been keeping me somewhat busy these days. When there’s nothing to do at work, I find myself browsing Pinterest looking for ideas. We have yet to pick a date but I love planning ahead, figuring out prices and looking at cute ideas. I like to be way prepared ahead of time. Once I figure out how much everything that I want is going to cost, we’ll be picking a date. I’m guessing my budget (reception) will probably be around $5,000 give or take. I’m still not sure yet. I know the reception location is around $1,000 but that includes tables, linens and a few other things. I’d have to rent chairs and figure out the food part but I think $5,000 is a good budget.

The things I’m sure about for my wedding are:

  1. Candy Bar – Tons of my favorites and Steven’s favorites to be taken home in a small box as a wedding favor.
  2. My dress – I already know the one I want, just have to go into the store, try it on and save money for it.
  3. Who all I’d invite – probably 70+ people
  4. Small cake for us, cupcakes for guests – Saves money and cake doesn’t go to waste. I’m planning on having about 4-5 different flavors.
  5. Shoes – Girl has to have awesome shoes and mine will be custom chucks! No heels for this girl!
  6. Photobooth – Yes! I want to have an awesome photobooth with tons of props for many funny moments!
  7. Beverages – Tea (sweet and unsweet), lemonade (2 flavors), Margaritas (maybe) and different types of beer.

Here are just some cute ideas I found on Pinterest that were super cute!

Really feeling the grey, simple and classic

Photobooths are definitely trendy these days!

Lemon creme cupcakes

I know it’s kind of silly to be planning everything when I don’t have any money or a time frame but I love planning stuff in advance and not waiting till the last minute. Gives me enough time to make everything perfect and the way we would like it to be.

Let me know if you have any awesome wedding ideas to share with me!



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