Hello Couponing!

It’s been a long time since I’ve couponed. Well, actually since I’ve couponed hard core. I have still been couponing but just for little things like canned cat food. The last time I was really into couponing hard core was back in June or July. I got out of it for awhile because I was dealing with relationship issues/break up and my grandpas health diminishing/passing away. Now I am slowly getting back into thanks to my best friend Emily and a few other people.

Tuesday and Wednesday I got out into the field again and did some couponing. This past Sunday had a coupon for $2/1 Jimmy deans d-light product. They’re on sale at Walmart for $2 so I could pass that up.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sierra Mist $1 – $1 coupon = Free
  • Jimmy Deans $5.97 – $2 coupon = $3.97
  • Iams Cat Food $1 – $1 coupon = Free

I used my walmart gift card and didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Wednesday I made another Walmart trip and here’s the breakdown:

  • Sierra Mist $1 – $1 coupon = Free
  • Jimmy Deans $2 – $2 coupon = Free
  • Hot Pockets $2 each – $1.25/2 = $2.75

Had $2.66 left on my Walmart card so I ended up paying just $0.09 out of pocket!!

I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into couponing. Since my fiance will be home soon I’ve been trying to stock up on groceries and free/cheap things so that way we can use our money for bills and gas to get around town. Thankfully there are a lot of great people in the couponing community and I’m able to get coupons for items I can stock up on and have on hand since I have such a tight budget. Thanks to all of the ladies who have sent me coupons! I appreciate it!


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