Saving Money: One Coupon at a Time!

How to Save Money by Couponing:

  1. Step One: Purchase a Sunday paper. They’ll have anywhere from 2-5 inserts per week (except Holidays usually).

2. Step Two: Clip Inserts and match them up with deals from Target/CVS/Walgreens and local grocery stores.

3. Step Three: Go out and score some good deals!!

Here are my most recent deals!
39 (1 not shown) Bottles of Sierra Mist Free. Here’s the breakdown:

Used $1/1 Manufacturer Coupon – $1 at Walmart = Free

Three 12pks of Coke Products and 10 Boxes of Purina One Beyond Cat Food for Free. Here’s the breakdown:

Used 3 Free 12pk Coupons for the coke = Free
Used Free up to $3.25 on Purina One Beyond Cat Food = Free

Used the same Free up to $3.25 Coupon on these and got 15 boxes for free plus made $3.90 overage!

On this deal I was able to use the $2/1 Jimmy Deans D-lights Coupon and get each box for Free. That’s a total of 20 boxes of breakfasts for free! Here’s the breakdown:

$2/1 Jimmy Deans D-lights Breakfast Coupon – $2 each at Walmart = Free!

Here is a recently updated picture of my stockpile in my linen closet. I had to reorganize everything so I could fit more cat food.

Hope you all enjoyed my post. Let me know if you have scored any amazing deals!


Hello Couponing!

It’s been a long time since I’ve couponed. Well, actually since I’ve couponed hard core. I have still been couponing but just for little things like canned cat food. The last time I was really into couponing hard core was back in June or July. I got out of it for awhile because I was dealing with relationship issues/break up and my grandpas health diminishing/passing away. Now I am slowly getting back into thanks to my best friend Emily and a few other people.

Tuesday and Wednesday I got out into the field again and did some couponing. This past Sunday had a coupon for $2/1 Jimmy deans d-light product. They’re on sale at Walmart for $2 so I could pass that up.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sierra Mist $1 – $1 coupon = Free
  • Jimmy Deans $5.97 – $2 coupon = $3.97
  • Iams Cat Food $1 – $1 coupon = Free

I used my walmart gift card and didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Wednesday I made another Walmart trip and here’s the breakdown:

  • Sierra Mist $1 – $1 coupon = Free
  • Jimmy Deans $2 – $2 coupon = Free
  • Hot Pockets $2 each – $1.25/2 = $2.75

Had $2.66 left on my Walmart card so I ended up paying just $0.09 out of pocket!!

I’m so glad I’ve gotten back into couponing. Since my fiance will be home soon I’ve been trying to stock up on groceries and free/cheap things so that way we can use our money for bills and gas to get around town. Thankfully there are a lot of great people in the couponing community and I’m able to get coupons for items I can stock up on and have on hand since I have such a tight budget. Thanks to all of the ladies who have sent me coupons! I appreciate it!

What I want to accomplish in 10 years…

There are a lot of things I want to accomplish in the next 10 years. Hopefully I can make it through at least part of the list.

  1. Get married to my handsome man
  2. Buy our first house together
  3. Start a family
  4. Move out of Texas
  5. Build a new drift car with my hubby
  6. Buy a baller camera
  7. Get a new job
  8. Make more money
  9. Buy new furniture
  10. Go to Disney World
  11. Go back to school
  12. Lose weight
  13. Get a dog
  14. Go somewhere awesome for our honeymoon

More stuff will probably get added to the list as the year continues.

My favorite picture of my hubby drifting 🙂

Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013

As we all welcome in the New Year, I’d like to recap on the memories and struggles of 2012.

  1. Struggled financially to keep my apartment and bills caught up on my own even though I was living with someone.
  2. Found the strength/courage to break up with someone who was not good for me from the beginning. (That meant ending a 3.5 yr relationship)
  3. Losing a good friend due to an ex being a jerk and then reconnecting with her (Ashley 😀 )
  4. Hatch was stolen from me
  5. Getting threatening phone calls from my ex’s mom
  6. Having to bum rides to work/home for over a month
  7. Grandpa Abshier passed away in August
  8. Found true love 3 days after I broke up with my ex. -August
  9. Got engaged to the man of my dreams – November
  10. Spent Christmas with my future in laws.
  11. Turned 26 on December 29th
  12. Spent New Years Eve with my fiance

In 2013, I hope to accomplish many things:

  1. Find a new job with better pay
  2. Get the subaru running amazingly
  3. Buy a new car
  4. Have my fiance living with me permanently! (should be coming up Wednesday or Thursday this week!!)
  5. Start saving for a wedding
  6. Buy new furniture
  7. Start working out more
  8. Spend more time with friends
  9. Get back into couponing
  10. Build a drift car and get my honey back into racing 🙂

I cannot wait to start working on what 2013 has to offer. I’m beyond blessed to have met such an amazing man and have amazing friends. I know this new year will be a lot better than 2012. 2012 was a tough year for me. I had to deal with threatening phone calls, a crazy ex who tried hard to ruin my life (too bad it didn’t happen), money issues (more so when I was with my ex than now) and the loss of my beloved hatch. I’m glad 2012 is now over and Steven and I can start our life together and we can put all of our focus on being happy and together. Who knows, maybe even this year will be the year that we start building a new drift car!! Here’s to 2013! May this year be the best year of them all!!