Trying To Be An Adult..

Isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do at times. I have been beating myself up since yesterday on the fact that I spent my Christmas bonus on a dresser from Ikea. I know you guys are thinking, “Why? It’s your Christmas bonus. Spend the money on YOU”. Well my plan was to spend my Christmas bonus on paying the parents back, both my parents and his parents and then using what was left over to stock up on groceries. This is when it’s best to just listen to yourself and not to people around you. My coworker told me, “No! You never spend it on yourself! Go buy your dresser and have fun!”. So of course, I went out and bought my dresser. I don’t even like spending $100 on myself, let alone $323! I went out and did it though. Now I feel like crap because the Volvo has another bent wheel and is going to need to be replaced along with whatever else got messed up on Steven’s drive back up to Kansas. I don’t have money to fix it and it’s driving me nuts because the car either needs to be fixed or we need to save up and get a more reliable car. It just seems like everything that can go wrong, goes wrong around the same time.

I’m beyond stressed now and not sure what to do. I need to find a second job but I’m not sure of a place that will hire me to work around 6pm-11pm through the week and then work whatever hours during the weekend. If I could, I would box up the dresser and take it back to Ikea and get my money back. I was stupid to have bought it. I should have saved that money when I got it and just let it sit in my bank account. This is what I get for listening to coworkers and buying something for myself instead of being an adult and taking care of more important matters first. One day I’ll learn.


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