Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was a little crazy and emotional. The best part of my Christmas was having Steven home with me. He was able to leave Friday afternoon and get home Saturday morning. We shared Saturday, Sunday and Monday together but on Christmas morning he had to head back to Kansas. I always cherish the time I have with him.

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea and picked up my pain in the ass dresser (it really is because the directions are just pictures, no words and nothing is labeled). We had a pleasant lunch and did some grocery shopping too. I spent the evening doing laundry while he attempted to assemble the dresser. It was a nice night even though the dresser was so frustrating. Then for dinner, I decided to treat my man to some Salt Grass. I love Salt Grass. It is one of the best steakhouses in Houston (in my opinion).

Sunday morning I fixed us some cinnamon rolls (YAY! I finally have a man who will eat cinnamon rolls!! My life is complete!!) for breakfast and then that afternoon we headed over to his parents house to open presents. I was shocked to see how many presents were on the table. I kinda had to step back because it was overwhelming.

I love this picture of my honey. He looks super cute and I just kinda look eh lol.

We had a great time at the Larsen’s. We opened a bunch of gifts and then headed home and my honey cooked dinner for me!! He made some really yummy, super spicy fajitas! Omg it was delicious! Thank you thank you thank you baby!! Then of course the remainder of the night was spent trying to assemble the dresser. My poor baby did not like having to work on that thing. Sorry baby! πŸ™‚

Monday morning my love fixed me chocolate chip pancakes. They were eh, alright but not because of his cooking but because of the crappy steel pan he was using. Food sticks to that pan like glue and it’s horrible!! We were able to pull out a few pancakes that weren’t totally burnt. They were still yummy though. Next time we’ll use a non-stick pan πŸ˜‰ Right babe? hehe. Then around 12pm we headed back over to his parents house for Christmas dinner which consisted of moist/dry turkey, some say it’s moist, some say it’s dry lol, mashed potatoes, peas, ham, rolls and desserts. We visited for awhile and then I watched Steven put the other exhaust on the subie. We headed home and just hung out at home. He fell asleep early because he wasn’t feeling good and I stayed up for a bit and made sure his uniform and everything else was clean and ready to go in the morning.

Monday morning was a hard morning for both of us. It was the morning that he would get in the car and head back up to base, without me. Those moments are always tough but I know it makes us stronger. We did get in some quick goofy pictures before he left.

and my favorite one

Oh! And only a few days late…I received our stockings today!!! I love them!! I wanted the solid color ones but I waited too long to order them but I love these just as much. They were originally $19 on but the Thursday/Friday before Christmas they were marked down to $9.95!! So I picked up one for Steven and one for me, seeing as how Sissy has her own stocking.

I know next Christmas will be a better Christmas. Less stress, less crying and no more being apart. Next up is my birthday which is Saturday, December 29th. I’m not looking forward to it because I’ll be 26 and I have to celebrate it alone. Yet again, next year will be way better!!


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