Baby, Beer and Boyfriend – Guest Post

My lovely friend Danielle wanted to share with you all a poem she wrote and a lovely little guest blog post. Hope you all enjoy!!!

So life can really suck sometimes. We all know it. We’ve all been through it. But honestly, the way to really get through the hard times, is to think about the positives CONSISTENTLY! No breaks, no pauses, nothing. I know personally how tough that can be sometimes, especially when life has decided to repeatedly kick me in the face like a pissed off donkey for the last couple years. And I messed up many times, like so many of us have, and let myself mope and threw the biggest and baddest pity party y’all have ever seen! But guess where that got me? NOWHERE! So then I decided to take life by the hypothetical reins, and steer that wild mustang exactly where I wanted it to go. It was a pretty slow process, but karma began to come through for me. I lost a lot materialistically, but seriously, who needs stuff when you have the best love and support anyone could ask for? I have got the BEST friends a girl could ever dream of, the sweetest, most amazingly chill daughter that has been the light of my life since I found out she was growing in my womb, and a kick ass boyfriend and Father of my baby girl that stands behind us in every moment of every day. I am BLESSED y’all, and all because I chose to make it that way, and because our gracious God in heaven showered me with all of the tools necessary to do so. So guess what? Get up off y’alls asses, mount that horse, and keep on getting back on every time it kicks you off. Eventually it’ll be broken in, tamed, and the best damn friend you’ll have for life. I wrote a pretty simple poem about my struggles through pregnancy, and as a mom, and I wanted to share it with the world to empower other new Mommies and even those without children to think positively, and be flexible enough to grow and change and flow through life’s every turn without stopping for air. Because you CAN DO IT! Hope y’all enjoy.

Your Southern Belle

P.S. If I get TOO close to fallin off the proverbial wagon of positive thinking, I sit on down and pop open an ice cold beer. I prefer Bud Light Platinums (or platties as we call them), but whatever wets your whistle will work! Relax, piece your thoughts together one by one, and then get up and try it again!


Now here’s a little poem I wrote:

A Baby Story

Nine months can seem
Like so long a time
Anxiety rising, body shaking
But still saying all will be fine.

Another month rolls by
And yet it still hasn’t set in
But ugly thoughts cross your mind
How will I raise this kid?

Single mother, it seems
But still hoping and praying
That you’ll be able to make it
And raise this little baby.

Now I’m at month four
And trying my best to keep it together
But I’m too scared and lonely
And stuck with this decision forever.

Month five comes along
And I’m starting to see the light
Yeah, I’ll be a single mom
But I’m going to do it right.

Who needs a man
When you have the support of friends
Those willing to help you
Until the very end.

Oh yes, I was a lucky girl
But then made some rash decisions
That cursed me for the next year
‘Cause I didn’t listen to my friend’s opinions.

So I was at month eight
Fed up with the gypsy style
Trying to settle down in life
And prepare my newborn child.

Finally I thought
I was in a positive place
But I made a bad choice once again
And life slapped me in the face.

So here I was
Single Mommy of one
All alone again
And constantly on the run

Working ten hour shifts
Six days in a row
And repeatedly asking myself
Why didn’t I just say no.

But then just when I thought
Things couldn’t get much worse
I finally opened up
And let Loralei’s Daddy know of her birth.

Soon enough blessings came
One by one showered over me
And we were offered a new life
That would be the key.

A key to a bright future
For Loralei and I
And a wonderful relationship
With an amazing guy.

And this is how
It finally ends
Happily Ever After
Hugs, Kisses and Grins.


Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was a little crazy and emotional. The best part of my Christmas was having Steven home with me. He was able to leave Friday afternoon and get home Saturday morning. We shared Saturday, Sunday and Monday together but on Christmas morning he had to head back to Kansas. I always cherish the time I have with him.

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea and picked up my pain in the ass dresser (it really is because the directions are just pictures, no words and nothing is labeled). We had a pleasant lunch and did some grocery shopping too. I spent the evening doing laundry while he attempted to assemble the dresser. It was a nice night even though the dresser was so frustrating. Then for dinner, I decided to treat my man to some Salt Grass. I love Salt Grass. It is one of the best steakhouses in Houston (in my opinion).

Sunday morning I fixed us some cinnamon rolls (YAY! I finally have a man who will eat cinnamon rolls!! My life is complete!!) for breakfast and then that afternoon we headed over to his parents house to open presents. I was shocked to see how many presents were on the table. I kinda had to step back because it was overwhelming.

I love this picture of my honey. He looks super cute and I just kinda look eh lol.

We had a great time at the Larsen’s. We opened a bunch of gifts and then headed home and my honey cooked dinner for me!! He made some really yummy, super spicy fajitas! Omg it was delicious! Thank you thank you thank you baby!! Then of course the remainder of the night was spent trying to assemble the dresser. My poor baby did not like having to work on that thing. Sorry baby! 🙂

Monday morning my love fixed me chocolate chip pancakes. They were eh, alright but not because of his cooking but because of the crappy steel pan he was using. Food sticks to that pan like glue and it’s horrible!! We were able to pull out a few pancakes that weren’t totally burnt. They were still yummy though. Next time we’ll use a non-stick pan 😉 Right babe? hehe. Then around 12pm we headed back over to his parents house for Christmas dinner which consisted of moist/dry turkey, some say it’s moist, some say it’s dry lol, mashed potatoes, peas, ham, rolls and desserts. We visited for awhile and then I watched Steven put the other exhaust on the subie. We headed home and just hung out at home. He fell asleep early because he wasn’t feeling good and I stayed up for a bit and made sure his uniform and everything else was clean and ready to go in the morning.

Monday morning was a hard morning for both of us. It was the morning that he would get in the car and head back up to base, without me. Those moments are always tough but I know it makes us stronger. We did get in some quick goofy pictures before he left.

and my favorite one

Oh! And only a few days late…I received our stockings today!!! I love them!! I wanted the solid color ones but I waited too long to order them but I love these just as much. They were originally $19 on but the Thursday/Friday before Christmas they were marked down to $9.95!! So I picked up one for Steven and one for me, seeing as how Sissy has her own stocking.

I know next Christmas will be a better Christmas. Less stress, less crying and no more being apart. Next up is my birthday which is Saturday, December 29th. I’m not looking forward to it because I’ll be 26 and I have to celebrate it alone. Yet again, next year will be way better!!

Trying To Be An Adult..

Isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do at times. I have been beating myself up since yesterday on the fact that I spent my Christmas bonus on a dresser from Ikea. I know you guys are thinking, “Why? It’s your Christmas bonus. Spend the money on YOU”. Well my plan was to spend my Christmas bonus on paying the parents back, both my parents and his parents and then using what was left over to stock up on groceries. This is when it’s best to just listen to yourself and not to people around you. My coworker told me, “No! You never spend it on yourself! Go buy your dresser and have fun!”. So of course, I went out and bought my dresser. I don’t even like spending $100 on myself, let alone $323! I went out and did it though. Now I feel like crap because the Volvo has another bent wheel and is going to need to be replaced along with whatever else got messed up on Steven’s drive back up to Kansas. I don’t have money to fix it and it’s driving me nuts because the car either needs to be fixed or we need to save up and get a more reliable car. It just seems like everything that can go wrong, goes wrong around the same time.

I’m beyond stressed now and not sure what to do. I need to find a second job but I’m not sure of a place that will hire me to work around 6pm-11pm through the week and then work whatever hours during the weekend. If I could, I would box up the dresser and take it back to Ikea and get my money back. I was stupid to have bought it. I should have saved that money when I got it and just let it sit in my bank account. This is what I get for listening to coworkers and buying something for myself instead of being an adult and taking care of more important matters first. One day I’ll learn.

Merry Christmas…not!

Yes, I know the title is very down and depressing. I’ve been trying to be strong for weeks now but it’s so hard when one person tells your fiance that he’s getting out of the army one day and then that day comes and he’s like “oh sorry, you’re not getting out anytime soon”. It’s a back and forth game that never ends.

We were planning on having a nice Christmas together in our apartment with Sissy. Just relaxing, cuddling and enjoying each others company. Of course, we’d go to his parents house and see them and open presents, ya know, the typical Christmas thing but now it looks like we will be spending our very 1st Christmas apart. It sucks but the more I think about it, the more I just want to sit at home and bawl my eyes out. It’s hard being strong when you love someone so much and can’t stand hearing about them getting screwed over. It makes me just want to punch people. I didn’t know it was so hard for people to get paperwork straightened out so someone could get out. Geez! Luckily, I’m not alone in this seeing as how Steven’s friend Andrew is going through the same thing. They’re both in the process of waiting for their orders and are both having car problems. I’m not alone in this because Andrew’s girlfriend, Danielle and I, have to deal with the same thing — being disappointed by the Army.

The only good thing about this whole situation is that my fiance and Andrew don’t have to go through this alone. They have each other to hangout with and spend Christmas with, if they don’t get out before then — which looks like that won’t be happening. I would feel worse knowing that my honey didn’t have at least one person to spend Christmas with.

So my plan for Christmas this year is to just spend time with Sissy. I didn’t really decorate this year so it didn’t even feel too Christmasy in the apartment. I put up my small Christmas tree and put my ornaments on it, made a Christmas banner and that was really about it. I did not get around to ordering my stockings or getting stocking hangers, outdoor lights or a real tree. Hopefully next year we will be able to get a real tree and spend our 2nd Christmas together. But yeah, my Christmas will be spent at home with Sissy and probably tango-ing my honey so I can at least see him on Christmas.

Here’s a picture of my Christmas tree on my bar.

My cheap Christmas banner I made.

Sissy on her first Christmas 🙂

Back in 2009 when we had a snow day. She didn’t really mind the snow but I didn’t set her down on the grass lol.

Well I hope that everyone else has a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Thanksgiving in Kansas

As many of you know, I took a few days (5) to head up to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with my honey. We had an absolute blast, granted Thanksgiving dinner was a bust but oh well. I won’t go into a ton of details of everything that went on. I will say that while I was there I got engaged!! It happened Friday night after we had an amazing dinner at Little Apple in Manhattan. We got into the subie and were sitting there trying to warm up and he pulls out this little blue box and hands it to me. While he’s still holding it, I told him “I can’t open the box, you open the box” (something along those lines). So he opened it and there sat this beautiful solitaire ring and wedding band. I had the biggest smile on my face and then I asked him, ” Is there a question that comes with the box?” and that’s when he said those lovely words that any girl wants to hear:

Will you marry me?

I wanted to pee my pants!! I said yes of course 🙂 Everyday since then, I have worn my ring and have continued to wear his dog tags till the day he is officially out of the Army and home with me. I’m beyond blessed to have met my soul mate. He’s the apple of my eye!

Moving on…Kansas was lovely this time around. It did get down to about 14 degrees one morning but we kept warm. We were able to work on the cars, do a photo shoot, hang out with friends and go take tons of photos at Kstate University. I know you guys are probably ready for the pictures. I will do a post later showing my ring and going into more detail on our engagement. Enjoy!!