Happiness Fills My Heart

This week I am excited to be seeing my love for Thanksgiving!! I know I had sad in a post awhile back that I would not be heading up to Kansas but luckily for me I was able to sell my wheels and a few other parts. This will be our first Thanksgiving together and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I will be leaving work around 1pm on Wednesday and hope to get as far as Oklahoma City before 10pm. Then I plan on sleeping for awhile and making the rest of the 4.5 hour drive to Kansas. This will be my first Thanksgiving in a state other than Texas or California. I’m totally ready for new beginnings with my man.

I’m also excited because we might partake in Black Friday. I for one, have never been able to go out for Black Friday and score any good deals because I’m always working. Now I can actually go out and get some goodies! I want to feel the rush! haha! Even if we decide not to go, it’s fine because I’m still going to be happy just being with my man all week. Nothing could make me happier than seeing his handsome face and being in his arms.

I don’t plan on posting again until I return from Kansas. My plan is to actually get pictures on base of everything and not chicken out like I did last time. Haha! Plus I want to get some more pictures of Steven and me. What would be awesome is if it snows while I’m there. Then again, I’ll be back for Christmas if they don’t let him out early and it will hopefully be snowing by then.

Here’s to new adventures with my man! I ❤ you!


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