Kansas or Bust! Part 2

We continue my journey with me waking up bright and early Monday morning. I did my normal routine of talking to my future husband and then straightening my hair. I got all of my laundry done and made a trip to Save Mart to get some ice and some mountain dew for the road. I made sure the volvo had a full tank of gas and got all of my stuff packed up and ready to go. I didn’t leave the house until 3:30pm because I was waiting to see if I would get to say bye to my dad but he told me to just leave because he wasn’t going to be home for another hour or so.

I headed on up to Sparks, Nevada to visit my best friend Kim and her family. The drive up there was nice. I’ve been on that drive before but have never actually driven by myself up there. It was an easy drive with minimal traffic.

I arrived in Sparks around 6:30pm or so. I was able to capture the beautiful sunset while I stopped to put gas in the car. I didn’t feel like having to put gas in it in the morning. It was great getting to see Kim and her family. I haven’t been able to spend time with them since 2009! I even got to meet my niece Leah who is now 1 year old! She’s such a cutie. The last time I saw Audrey, she wasn’t talking and now she just talks up a storm. We ended up chatting for a bit and then headed out to Safeway to get some ice cream. I did not have any but that was fine by me. I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 10pm, waking up at midnight, turning the tv down and then going back to sleep. My alarm clock was set for 2am. I had planned on waking up and making sure I was awake enough by 3am to start my drive. Well, I guess I shut my alarm off and didn’t get up till 2:45! So I jumped up, got ready, gave Kim a hug goodbye and started my journey to Kansas.

The drive was long and boring. I made one quick stop in Lovelock, Nevada to use the restroom and stretch, then was back on the road. I made it till about 6am before I couldn’t drive anymore. I ended up pulling into a rest area and sleeping for about an hour and half till Steven texted me and then my dad called. Managed to get a decent shot of the sunrise coming up over the mountains.
The rest of the drive was the same as before, boring. I did however, have to fight the 35+ mph winds that kept trying to blow me off the road. My only stops along the journey were to get gas and use the restroom. I only had my beef jerky and fruit snacks to eat and that was fine with me. I kept trucking until I finally hit Laramie, Wyoming. By this point, I was very exhausted and had not had much to eat all day. It was hard for me to concentrate on the drive, so I made sure to stay behind this truck and trailer. My goal that day had been to at least get to Denver, Colorado and spend the night but that wasn’t going to happen.

I made it into Laramie and pulled off into a Pilot gas station to sleep. Well, the winds were probably about 40mph and were shaking the volvo so bad that my motion sickness acted up and made me lightheaded. I couldn’t take it so I headed across the freeway to the Holiday Inn Express and got a room. One of the nicest hotels I’ve been in. It was definitely a new experience for me; being on a road trip across country by myself and staying in a hotel room by myself. It was really good that I got a hotel room because I was able to eat something, take a nice hot shower and sleep on a comfy king sized bed all to myself. I ended up getting about 9 hours of sleep that night. I had planned on getting up at 5 or 6am and getting on the road but I wanted to wait till it was lighter outside. I left the hotel around 7:30 am and made my way toward Kansas.

The drive to Kansas was the same as the drive to Wyoming, long and boring. I did have my phone and music to keep my entertained. I ended up entering Kansas around noon. Of course, had to stop off and get lunch which I hardly touched. I can’t tell you how many state troopers I saw entering Kansas! There were tons! I did not see many highway patrol along the entire trip except for when I got into Kansas. I got into Junction City, Kansas around 5:30-6pm sometime and called my honey and had him meet me at Handy’s. You don’t understand how excited I was when I saw him pull up. I was pretty much screaming on the phone to my grandma and she knew just how excited I was because she went through the same thing with my grandpa.

The drive onto base was fun. “Duty First”. My whole perception of the army base was totally off. I didn’t know that it was like a small town. You have gas stations, a grocery store, movie theater, bowling alley and fast food. I guess I should have realized it would be this way but what can I say, I’m a n00b when it comes to military stuff. To this day, I am still asking Steven what certain abbreviations mean. I was in total shock the entire drive up to his barracks. I had never seen so many hummers and tanks in my life! It was flipping awesome! We got up to his barracks and went inside and it was yet again, different than I had imagined. You have to use a card to open the door like the ones you use at hotels. Also when he said he shares a bathroom with his neighbor, I didn’t realize you have your own door that you can lock. Duh! Why wouldn’t you? The room was a little small, with a twin sized bed probably about 3 feet off the ground with a desk, full sized fridge and two storage/clothes lockers. I thought it was awesome being there in the barracks and living out a few days as a future Army wife.

My first night there, my honey and I packed up in the subie and headed over to Manhattan to go to Chili’s. We had a nice dinner that neither one of us finished. Probably because we were both tired, me from driving so far and him from work. We ended up calling it a night when we got back to the room. Let me tell you something…sleeping on a twin sized bed with two tall people, is not pleasant. Not to mention, having tiny blankets. Haha. I was cold part of the night but my hip hurting was the main reason I didn’t like sleeping on the bed. I did however, love cuddling with my man. So, the pain and cold was totally worth it.

Every day I kind of got into a routine. My honey would leave for PT around 5:40am and I would get up and get dressed, brush my teeth and do my hair while watching a movie. He’d come home around 8am and hang out with me till almost 9am. From that time on I usually just watched movies or got on facebook to pass the time. He’d finally get off work around 3-5pm, depending on how the day went and then we would just hangout in the room for a bit before driving off base to get dinner. My heart could not have been any happier than being with him on base. One night we drove to Manhattan and got bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and had some yummy pretzels. At least, I thought they were yummy anyway. I believe it was Friday that I finally got to meet his crazy friend Jamal. He’s just as crazy in person as he is over video chat. Haha! We ended up spending a couple of days working on the volvo and making it run better. Sadly, we went through a set of spark plug wires before finally getting a do-it-yourself kit and my honey made his own. It was fun hanging out with my love and watching him work on the cars. I also got to see him spray paint Jamal’s hood on the accord. He’s done more detailing to it since I left and it looks great. My honey is really artistic and does amazing work.

The Volvo

Graffiti Hood

Loki and Princess

I ended up taking this one of his dog Loki and Loki’s mom Princess. They are super cute and I was actually surprised at how well this picture came out. Besides the fact that Loki’s ear is flipped back.

Subie and Volvo
Sunset on Fort Riley

I was able to capture the beautiful sunset on Fort Riley one night while I was there. It was simply beautiful! Plus I caught a little bit of it starting behind the cars.

Moving on…Saturday night was the only night that we decided we had had enough of sleeping on the twin sized bed. We headed to the Hampton Inn in Junction City and got a room. It was definitely one of the nicest hotels I’ve been in! I fell in love with the duvet cover haha. The room was great and it was so nice being able to enjoy sleep while being on a super comfy queen sized bed. Bright and early Sunday morning we got up and headed down stairs to enjoy the complimentary breakfast. Steven would tell you it was nasty but I actually enjoyed the blueberry muffins. It wasn’t the worst breakfast I’ve ever had. Then we headed over to Jamal’s house and Steven changed out the spark plug wires on the Volvo. Later, we ended up taking the cars to the car wash and giving them a good bath because we had plans on taking pictures but that fell through because it was getting dark out fast.

Monday was my last official full day in Kansas. Steven had to go to PT bright and early and then go to work after that but I ended up keeping myself busy by cleaning and folding his laundry and putting it away neatly for him. It’s the little things that make me happy. hehe. Luckily he got off work a little early and we were able to hang out for a bit in the room. We ended up heading out to Manhattan early that night because we didn’t know if restaurants were going to be super crowded or not and we were both hungry. Steven ended up taking me out to Long Horn Steakhouse. It was nice! We enjoyed a porterhouse steak for two with a side of mac and cheese and sweet potato bites. The sweet potato bites were eh, alright but the mac and cheese was amazing! The steak was superb! It was definitely a great date night out with my honey on my last day. After dinner we headed over to the mall and went into Spencer’s to look at the domo things. Haha. I ended up finding a domo kitty key chain plush that I had to have. It was $10 but well worth the money because it was super cute. There were a lot of other things there that I wish we could have gotten. We then went into Hot Topic to look at shirts and see what domo things they had. My honey found two shirts he loved. One is a white storm troopers shirt that says “Support your troops” and then the other shirt is black and is from How I Met Your Mother and says “It’s going to be legend, wait for it dary”. Unfortunately they didn’t have his size in the storm trooper shirt so we just ended up getting some stickers at Hot Topic.

Then we went to look at engagement rings. The first store we went to was Harris Jewelry. They are a military based jewelry store that offers good deals to those who are still in the service. We looked at what seemed like twenty rings. I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye. Plus the quality of the diamonds was lacking majorly. I know Steven was sad that I didn’t find a ring there because we could have gotten the credit and gotten the ring that night but I wanted to be surprised and have him pick out the ring he wants to give me. I didn’t want to just be handed a ring and be like “Here, marry me?”. We ended up telling the lady that we had to think about it first. So we left and of course I was too embarrassed to say anything about the rings till we left the store because I didn’t want to upset the lady working there. We then went into Kays so I could show him the ring I really wanted. It’s a bit out of reach for us right now seeing as how it’s $3200+ but I wanted him to see the style and then he could go off of that. Plus I needed to get my ring finger sized because I couldn’t remember what size ring I wear. Found out I wear a 9 by the way. I showed him the ring I really like and then looked at some solitaires because they are cheaper. I think I just seem to like the Neil Lane collection the best because the settings sit lower than the regular solitaries and the sparkle is amazing! LoL. Well we attempted to get on Kays credit but that did not happen. We left the mall empty handed but that was fine because like I said, I want to be surprised and want something that he picked out without me being there.

From there we headed back to the barracks and took pictures of us and cuddled. Tuesday was not going to be a fun day for me seeing as how I had to leave that morning.

I love Steven so much. We are both dorks that definitely belong together!! haha.

Tuesday morning came and Steven headed out for PT. I decided I would leave after he got back and when he was getting ready to head to work. I figured that would get me home around 9pm.  Steven got back from PT, changed and we headed down to the cars so I could put my stuff in the back. I did NOT want to leave him.

My honey took this picture of me before I left, with my domo kitty plush.

From the moment I left the barracks, I cried till I hit Wichita, KS. I never knew how much I could miss someone till I had to see them disappear in my rear view mirror. The whole drive back to Houston was enjoyable. I didn’t have any issues until I got into Texas and that’s when all of the driver’s started driving ridiculously. I finally made it back home by 9pm. Sissy was beyond happy to see me and wouldn’t leave me alone till I gave her about 30 minutes of my love and attention.

and that was my trip to Kansas! Hope you all enjoyed.


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