I’ve had it with all of the drama!!!

I feel like I need to write because I’m just so pissed off at the moment. Maybe writing some will do me some good and get things off my chest (doubt it, but it’s worth a shot). I am so beyond tired of dealing with crap from my ex (Blake), yeah, I’ll say his name. I’m done dealing with this crap. I haven’t done anything to him. Told him he could take everything that is his out of the apartment and then later comes back and says that I didn’t give him his crap. WTF? Next thing you know I’m getting threats from his mom about calling the cops on me and blah blah blah. Seriously? You’re almost 32 years old and you have to have your mommy call and threaten me? Pssh. So much for being a good person and being an adult if this is how I’m going to get treated. The whole “mutual” break up thing obviously didn’t work out on one side.

I think the whole drama started cause he thinks I cheated on him with my new boyfriend. LOL. 1. I would never cheat. 2. I didn’t start talking to my new boyfriend till August 16th, 3 days after Blake and I broke up. Plus my feelings for him ended back in May when he was disrespectful to me and my family. I was hoping that by having a “mutual” breakup that we could just end everything peacefully, he could come get all of his stuff out of my apartment and be done. Obviously, I was wrong. “Mutual” on his part meant leaving half of his crap behind and then saying that I didn’t let him get his crap out. Also meant screwing me over on his half of the phone bill, having his mom call me and threaten me about some stupid ornaments and taking some of my belongings out of my apartment and telling me I can’t have them back. Plus owing me $200 for the car insurance that I paid. All in all, never date single children who have mommy and daddy hand them everything on a silver platter. It’s better to date someone who is willing to work hard for their stuff and not take hand outs from their parents. I’m so thankful my parents raised me better and taught me to be a good person.

All of this crap I’ve had to deal with lately is taking a toll on me. The worst thing about all of this is I’m praying it doesn’t affect me and Steven’s relationship. I hate having him be drawn into this crap because it’s my crap to have to deal with. I just want it all to be over with and done. I don’t want to see him, hear him, or deal with him anymore.

Hopefully after tonight I won’t have to deal with him anymore. We shall see. Going to have a friend come over to be with me when he gets there just in case he tries to pull any crap with me. Ugh!


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