Happiness is like a drug…

I haven’t written in a long time now and have been meaning to post. I am in Kansas right now with the love of my life, my future husband. I drove all the way from California here to be with him. He’s my rock, my soul mate and my best friend. This will be a short post seeing as how it is 2:45am and the boyfriend and I need to wake up early to go work on the volvo. Today we worked on the volvo and changed out the radio, air intake, cleaned the throttle body, painted the headlights, corner lights, tail lights and cut off one of the mufflers. We also took off the hubcaps and painted the steelies black. We are going for a storm trooper look. I’m actually starting to really like how the volvo looks now. I’m sure I’ll really like it when I see it lowered.

I’ve been in Kansas now since Wednesday evening and I do not want to leave Monday. It’s going to be so hard for me to just get up, pack and leave come monday afternoon. I’m going to miss Steven and miss being in Kansas. Kansas really isn’t that bad. I love all of the architecture and how many great spots there are to take pictures at. I wish I could just live here with Steven till he gets out of the Army but unfortunately I need to go back to work and I need to take care of my baby girl. Priorities>Wants.

I’m sorry to cut this short but I do plan on writing a longer post about my roadtrip and throw in all of the pictures of the volvo and what not. Stay tuned 🙂


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