Things I Love: Home Edition

My coworker and I decided to play hooky at work and head on over to Target. We mainly went so we could score the bogo Starbucks mocha’s. We got our drinks and decided to browse Target and waste time since work today is slow! I headed over to the home section of Target and actually found a floor lamp that I’m in love with. It’s really hard for me to find home decor or furniture that I really like, so when I actually do find something it’s amazing!

It’s $69.99 and solid white. I just love the look of the lamp mainly. Don’t really like the fact that it’s white but I figure the boyfriend can either spray paint it or he told me he’d like to sharpie it, which is fine by me since he’s artistic. I think it would end up looking really awesome!

I happened across this lamp base awhile back and really like it. I was thinking about getting this one and putting it on my soon to be dresser in the bedroom. But I guess it all depends on if Steven wants a flat screen tv above the dresser or if I put a long, huge mirror about it. Actually, I guess it wouldn’t matter which one is above the dresser because I should still have enough room to put a lamp. I don’t know. Haha. Anyway, this lamp base is a really pretty teal color and is $19.99. I just can’t decided if I want to do the bedroom theme in grays with a pop of color here and there or maybe like gray and yellow or what. Hmmm..decisions!

One thing I’m debating on and kind of interested in is maybe getting bar stools for my little bar. I’m just not sure if I want bar stools there or another couch. Before, I had a couch there and one on the other wall. It makes for plenty of seating but makes the living room look smaller. I guess if I was to go for bar stools, I’d probably going with something like this:

These are $79.99 each. A little pricey for one bar stool but I do love the print on the chair. I would probably get 3 or 4 of these seeing as how my bar is pretty long.

I really like this pattern but my god, it’s $109.99 a chair! That’s a bit extreme for some bar stools. I thought $79.99 was too much but that’s just ridiculous! Maybe we’ll just go with another couch. I guess we will see what my honey thinks. I plan on including him in everything apartment related.

One thing I’d really love to do is have my patio decorated all cute. I’d love to have some decent patio furniture and maybe some flowers or other plants out there. I’d like it to be like a little oasis. These chairs are $398.40 for the two. A little pricey seeing as how you don’t get a little table with it but I like the style. Not sure if I can see myself putting down that much money on patio furniture but I’d at least like to have something nice outside so I can enjoy the lovely weather (if Houston ever had lovely weather haha!). One day I’ll have it looking nice out there, once I get rid of the ex boyfriends crap he left.

Onto bedroom furniture..I really want an ikea bed, specifically this one:

It’s $199 for a Queen or we could get a king for $249. I love the simplicity of this bed and the fact that it doesn’t have a foot board. It’s definitely a perk for people who are tall, like Steven and me. Another bed I just noticed at Ikea is this one:

This bed is $449 for the Queen or $499 for the King. The reason I like this bed is because it’s more lifted off the ground than the other one and it’s got the storage underneath. I’d probably put extra sheets and pillows in the storage, which would be awesome. The only thing is the price is a little high. Maybe I’m just too frugal haha. Oh actually, I think this is the bed I originally wanted because the headboard isn’t as high.

It’s $149 for the Queen and $199 for the King. Totally an awesome price if you ask me. Just not sure if I want a taller headboard or not. Guess it wouldn’t really matter too much. Guess I’ll let the boyfriend decide 🙂

Another bed I found that I like is this one from Target:

It’s $269.99 for a Queen and has the storage underneath. I’m really digging the beds that have the storage underneath because then I don’t have to fill up my linen closet with sheets and other bedding. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a headboard. My one complaint about not having a headboard is that the sheets end up rubbing on the wall and the dye gets all over the wall. I’d love to not have to deal with that anymore. We shall see though.

This is the dresser from Ikea that I would love to have. I love that it’s long and has a ton of drawers! I imagine this going up against the wall where my little tv is right now. Then putting this mirror above it:

It’s $129 at Ikea. There’s one that is slightly different for $79 which would look good too. Then I’d put the teal lamp on the dresser and maybe a couple of other little accessories and call it a day. If I didn’t do the mirror, I’d do a flat screen tv for sure.

Now back to the living room decorating because I found this tv stand that I really like mainly because it’s simple. My ex and I use to have a glass top one and I hated it because I was always afraid the glass was going to get broken. I like this one because it’s got storage and you could see the game consoles on the little shelves but yet everything would stay clean and organized and I’m all about organization (haha).

This one too is from Ikea. It’s $199! Not a bad price at all. I love when furniture has extra storage so I don’t have to clutter the livingroom with bookshelves and boxes to hold other items.

I really think that is it for furniture and what not for the apartment. The only thing I left out was a couch for the livingroom, if I don’t go with bar stools, and a dining room table. I’d really love to find a square dining room table that’s bar height in a chocolate/black color. I want to be able to eat at a table again instead of on my bed or on my coffee table. Just need to find one that I like and that isn’t $800+.

Some good news and I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last post but my boyfriend is going to be out of the Army soon!! Hopefully he’ll be able to come home in 2-3 weeks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m absolutely excited to have him home soon!! He’s my soulmate and I love him so much! I already told him when he moves down here that we are going out to celebrate!

Anyway, I hope you all love the ideas I have for our (mine and Steven’s) apartment. Let me know if you have any decorative ideas on your mind that would go along with the style/theme I have. Have a great weekend!!


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