Simply Bliss <3

I don’t think I could be any happier with my life right now. My life changed September 1st when I became the girlfriend to an amazing Army man – Steven. He is absolutely the best guy I have ever been with in my entire life! I never knew what it was like to have someone love me so much and take me for who I am. It’s simply bliss. He’s perfect in every way. We both make inappropriate comments at weird times and can laugh about all the stupid, small stuff.

This past week/weekend was definitely the best ever! He picked me up last Wednesday from my Aunt Sue’s house in Missouri and we drove back to Houston together. He stayed with me from Thursday morning till Monday Morning. Thursday night we went out to dinner and a movie at Star Cinema Grill. I guess you would say that was our first date but it was more of a pre-first date because our official first date was Saturday. Anyway, we saw The Campaign and it was hilarious! Friday we went to a car meet and hung out with friends. Saturday was our official first date and he surprised me by taking me to Moody Gardens!! The awesome part was that we got to do the penguin encounter and got to touch a live penguin!! It was amazing! We went into all three pyramids and spent most of the day there. I’ve seriously never had a guy put this much effort into a first date before and it was definitely the BEST first date I have ever been on!! Thanks honey!! After Moody Gardens, we headed back to my apartment and waited out the storm that rolled through. He then told me he wanted to take me to a fancy dinner, so I chose Salt Grass because it’s fancy but not so fancy that you have to be dressed up to go in it. It was awesome! Then we went out to another meet and hung out with the subie family <3. Sunday we ended up going out to lunch at TGIFridays, then stopped in Best Buy and then went over to the mall. The best part was that I finally got ice cream :). Well I guess the best part really was that he was there with me, the ice cream was the perk. lol. After the mall we headed home and I went through all of the papers that I needed to separate so Blake could come get his file cabinet. Also made sure to back up my photos just in case he decided to take the desktop from me. Other than that we just hung out at the apartment and then around 10pm we left to go get dinner. We didn’t get home until around 12am.

The sad part is coming….Monday morning he had to leave and go back to base. I miss him so much already. He’s beyond amazing! None of the guys I’ve dated compare to him. He’s totally in a league all to himself, that’s how awesome he is. I’m proud to be his girlfriend. ❤


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