Galveston Beach Cruise

Sunday morning I packed up the camera, canon xsi to be exact, and headed off to HEB with my friend Ruben who had picked me up in his wagon. We met up with the group and got some much needed supplies (beer, chips, ice and charcoal) and headed out to the beach around 12:30pm. There were a couple of pit stops along the way but we ended up at our destination around 2pm. Getting out on the beach was a bit of a difficult task but we ended up getting everyone across eventually. We did have to get Steven’s wagon pulled out of the sand and we did have about 2-3 people break off their front lips. Overall, it was a great day/night. We spent all day on the beach bbqing and playing in the sand. After we all left the beach, a few of us headed out to Denny’s to get a late night meal, since most of us didn’t eat much while at the beach. I ended up having a rootbeer, oreo milkshake and half order of nachos. The only thing I actually finished was the rootbeer. Ha! I guess I wasn’t all that hungry after all. Ruben dropped me off at my house around 12:20am. I then showered and uploaded all 770 pictures from the camera. Yes, that’s an extreme amount of pictures but I never do anything small. Anyway, onto the pictures! Enjoy!


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