Sleepless in Houston

Last night was the first night I have slept alone in quite awhile. Blake has moved into his mom’s house and I have the apartment all to myself. It’s something that is really new to me because I’ve never experienced living on my own before. I have either lived with my parents or lived with a boyfriend. I think it’s going to take me awhile to get use to not waking up next to someone every morning and going to bed next to that person. I know I can manage, I have to.

I think I ended up falling asleep around 1am. I woke up around 4:30am looking around the apartment and at my phone (of course) to see what time it was and if I was late for work. Silly me, I still had 1.5 hours before my alarm was to sound off. Talk about feeling completely drained this morning when I finally got up. This is a new experience though and I’m going to take it with stride. It’s time to grow up and be the independent woman I know I can be.

Hopefully there won’t be many sleepless nights to come. I know saying this you are probably thinking, “Sleepless? You still got plenty of sleep!”. For me though, when I wake up during the middle of the morning and then fall back asleep, my schedule is completely off.


1 thought on “Sleepless in Houston

  1. It will just take a little while to adjust to being alone, but it will get better. I know you can be an independant woman because you actually have been doing it even while living with someone.
    Love you!

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